Shelter planning Building materials efficient buildings Thermal performance of building components and. ?view=article&catid=cbri-r-a-d-groups&id=organic-building- materials&format=pdf&option=com_content&itemid=78 – Organic Building Materials. The soil to be used for the blocks should have the requisite component of clay and silt and sand etc. Developed by CBRI/ASTRA/Aurovil/e Building Centre b.

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When this happens, the broken pieces maetrials quickly placed in the metal container and weighed W 1. It is hoped this compilation will help the construction agencies in promoting and adopting the new technologies in their housing and building projects. These are also visible barriers that help to detect the development of tunnels, which can then be destroyed. The poor results – and even failures – have led to a great deal of criticism and to the general belief that appropriate technologies are “inferior technologies”.

When washing hands after these tests, the way the soil washes off gives further indication of its composition: Ferrocement is a relatively new material, which was first used in France, in the middle of the 19th ans, for the construction of a rowing boat. The holes are closed and the fire allowed to burn out, which can take a few days or several weeks.

Therefore, the best protection against fungi is to maintain clean, dry, light and well ventilated conditions. Information can be found in various mwterials ways, as shown by the questions overleaf:. The more water used, the larger is the space that needs to be filled, mtaerials if there are insufficient hydration products, capillary pores remain, which weaken the cement.

Organic Building Materials

Although composite climates are more common, design considerations for floor and ceiling construction in the two major climatic regions warm humid and hot dry climates show the two extremes, between which a variety of intermediary ckmponents are possible. Underburnt limestone will not hydrate, while overburnt material is too hard and dense for slaking, cbti hydrates very slowly. Horizontal valley and internal gutters should be avoided, as these accumulate dirt and water.


The common features of these vegetable cellulose based materials are their renewability and their low compressive strengths, impact resistance and durability.

Frost and sudden temperature changes can also cause damage. Small openings, located at higher levels should permit hot air to escape, and exclude solar radiation and glare.

Appropriate building materials

Placed on the smooth surface, the sample is rolled into a thread of 3 mm diameter see illustration for Thread test. With the help of the screen the dry gravel and sand particles should be separated on a clean surface to form two heaps.

A great number of substances may be used for soil stabilization, and much research is going on to find the most suitable stabilizer for each soil type. By dipping, spraying or painting, almost any material can be impregnated with sulphur.

The fuel is fed from the top, through holes in the permanent arched roof. Its main uses are in earth constructions and in the manufacture of burnt clay products. Fire resistance can be achieved by soaking in a solution of borax, and drying.

The use of bamboo as a building material probably dates back to the invention of the earliest buulding for construction. While this depends on the clay content, excessive proportions of clay can cause high shrinkage and cracking, which is unsuitable for brickmaking. This is most effectively done by means of a vibrator either attached to the formwork, or immersed in the concrete which releases the trapped air. The formulation of standards and specifications need to be complemented by promotional efforts.


The process called the “Boucherie” method takes 5 days, componenst can be reduced to a few hours by pressure treatment. A 2 kg soil sample is weighed dry, placed in the empty bucket and mixed with clean water.

Organic Building Materials | CSIR – CBRI, Roorkee

buillding The essential ingredients of concrete are cement, aggregate sand, gravel and water. Stabilization with straw, cement, lime, bitumen, cow dung, etc. Materialss sheets are either hot-pressed cardboards or simply dried without pressing softboardsand may contain additives such as water repellents, insecticides and fungicides.

Proposals, such as facing of particle board with wood veneer or plastic laminate, are not always acceptable, as the emission of formaldehyde fumes is not reduced but takes place over a longer period. The hydrated aluminosilicate particles are thin plates of extremely great specific surface area, causing strong cohesion in the presence of water, alsoexcessive swelling and shrinkage.

Most soils are suitable for use as building materials, though in various cases, the addition or removal materialz certain constituents is required to improve their quality. Based on the feed-back available from BIS, HUDCO supported schemes and extension centres of CBRI and SERC, the Group identified nearly twenty such new materials, components and techniques which have been sufficiently tested in field conditions and a large number of buildings have been put up by housing agencies in different parts of the cgri.

The bricks are tough and resistant to wind and rain.

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