top related. sigmund freud cazul dora Documents · Sigmund freud dora pdf -??Sigmund freud dora pdf Dora is the pseudonym. Home · Documents; Sigmund Freud Cazul Dora Sigmund freud dora pdf Dora is the pseudonym given by Sigmund Freud to a patient whom he diagnosed. Cazul Dora: fragment de analiză a unei isterii. Front Cover. Sigmund Freud. Ed. Jurnalul Literar, – Bibliographic information. QR code for Cazul Dora .

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By mid-century, Freud’s study had gained general psychoanalytic acceptance. Freud’s comment that “This was surely just the situation to call up distinct feelings of sexual excitement in a girl of fourteen”, in reference to Dora being kissed by a “young man of prepossessing appearance”, [22] was seen as revealing a crass insensitivity to the realities of adolescent female sexuality.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Freud reads both dreams as referring to Ida Bauer’s sexual life—the jewel case that was in danger being a symbol of the virginity which her father was failing to protect from Herr K, [8] He interpreted the railway station in the second dream as a comparable symbol. Ultimately, Freud sees Ida as repressing a desire for her father, a desire for Herr K, and a desire for Frau K as well.

Through the analysis, Freud interprets Ida’s hysteria as a manifestation of her jealousy toward the relationship between Frau K and her father, combined with the mixed feelings of Herr K’s sexual approach to her.

Freud’s case study was condemned in its first review as a form of mental masturbation, an immoral misuse of his medical position. Second-wave feminism would develop Erikson’s point, as part of a wider critique of Freud and psychoanalysis. A Rereading of Freud’s Dora Case”. I must have been travelling in the meantime, but I knew nothing about that. His sister’s nursemaid had to give up her real name, Rosa, when she accepted the job because Freud’s sister was also named Rosa—she took the name ‘Dora’ instead.


Even those sympathetic to Freud took issue with his inquisitorial approach, Janet Malcolm describing him as “more like a police inspector interrogating a suspect than like a doctor helping a patient”.

Otto Fenichelfor example, citing her cough as evidence of identification with Frau K and her mutism as a reaction to the loss of Herr K. Freud initially thought of calling the case ‘Dreams and Sigmnud, and it was as a contribution to dream analysis, a pendant to his Interpretation of Dreamsthat Freud saw the rationale for publishing the fragmentary analysis.

Dora (case study)

A Selection p. Dora lived with her parents, who had a loveless marriage, but one which took place in close concert with another couple, Herr and Frau K. Two years later, Ida returned to see Freud and explained that her symptoms had mostly cleared up; that she had confronted the Ks. Then I was at home.

At the same time, I had the unusual feeling of anxiety that frwud has in dreams when one cannot move forward. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.

Gilman, Hysteria Beyond Freud p. Thus, when Freud needed a name for someone who could not keep her real name this time, in order to sigmuhd his patient’s anonymityDora was the name that occurred to him. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Dora is the pseudonym given by Sigmund Freud to a patient whom he diagnosed with hysteriaand treated for about eleven cora in Mahler on the Sigmuhd film A Dangerous Method film.

I saw streets and squares which were strange to me. The crisis that led her father to bring Dora to Freud was her accusation that Herr K had made a sexual advance to her, at which she cazkl his face—an accusation which Herr K denied and in which her own father disbelieved.

Erik Eriksonhowever, took issue with Freud’s claim that Dora must necessarily have responded positively at some level to Herr K’s advances: She wrote saying that as I had left home without my parents’ knowledge she had not wished to write to me to say Father was ill. Freud himself reserved initial judgement on the matter, and was swiftly told by Dora that her father had a relationship with Frau K, and that she felt he was surreptitiously palming her off on Herr K in return.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I saw the station in front of me and could not reach it.

I was walking about in a town which I did not know. Mother wanted to stop and save her jewel-case; but Father said: When she abruptly broke off her therapy, much to Freud’s disappointment, Freud saw this as his failure as an analyst, predicated on his having ignored the transference. Then I came into a house where Dorw lived, went to my room, and found a letter from Mother lying there.

I walked into the porter’s lodge, and enquired caaul our flat. A Life for Our Time p. He said to me: The Impossible Profession p.

Index Translationum

The rage to cure was upon him”; [27] and conclude that not only the transference but also his own countertransference needed more attention from Freud, at this early ssigmund of development of psychoanalytic technique.

The maidservant opened the door to me and replied that Mother and the others were already at the cemetery. The patient’s real name was Ida Bauer — ; her brother Otto Bauer was a leading member of the Austromarxism movement. Eigmund, Freud’s Women p. My father was standing beside my bed and woke me up. Freud gave her the name ‘Dora’, and he describes in detail in The Psychopathology of Everyday Life what his unconscious motivations for choosing such a name might have been.

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