Catálogo de Sêlos de Brasil (Portuguese) – with price indication . Portugal. StampsPortugal (Portuguese/English) – Stamps till , with Afinsa and Scott. 15 janeiro; Doces Tradicionais de Portugal (2ª serie) – Autoadesivos 31 janeiro 20 setembro; Roteiro Pré-Histórico de Portugal (1ª série) 2 outubro; anos. Pessoa que marcou o início do ano de Portugal no Brasil, em Catálogo CDD de Selos do Brasil Stamp Collecting, Binder, Postage Stamps, Folk.

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NO annoying pop-up ads everywhere! Mon Dec 31, Catalogues, journals and reference books.

Launched April 1, Thu Jul 11, Let’s do the start. I have 6 volumes of Scott Catalog. I’ve been focusing on other areas lately and not keeping up with the latest Canadian issues as much, so the catalogue still works great for me. For everything else, there’s my Scotts! I have the following: Bonus is it is signed by the author!

Other BW Australian catalogues. King George V heads, etc. Fri Jul 12, Why are we listing what stamp catalogs we have? I have the following catalogues Beside some Michel-Catalogues I have the following: Sat Jul 13, My library consists of: Phila India Guide Book WWF Stamp Catalogue updated to SG Commonwealth Simplified Catalogue SG Australia SG Collect British Stamps – British Empire [almost continuous]. X 36 Tasman Catalogues porhugal [ Oz.

Elizabethan X6 ‘s, ’70’s. World X 20 [‘s] not continuous. Europe Part II X 5, [‘s, ‘s] not continuous. Thu Sep 26, I collect Middle East, mainly, so I have: Catalogk Sep 27, Funny idea to ask people to list the catalogues they have Perhaps for good cataloho. And also non-philatelic material!

Tue Nov 12, Wed Nov 20, Thu Dec 05, Hi All About a month ago, I bought my Unitrade edition.


I have already traded off my version. Mon Feb 10, Tue Apr 08, Thu Jun 05, Stamps of the World S. Stamp Catalogue of Ireland S.

Stamp Catalogue Part 17 China 8th. Rowntree George V One Penny 3rd. But in addition to these, the Stampboards forums are if nothing more at least equal. Cheers, Frank Electric Chook.

Lançamento Catálogo de Fósseis – Novidades – Sociedade Brasileira de Paleontologia

Yes pookie it has grown a little and it’s not half obvious that my interests lie predominately within Australian issues.

I honestly hadn’t realised how many I had until I compiled this list and I had forgotten to include the three volume “Comprehensive” Australian Stamp Cataloque set. Some of them are investments in themselves but the best thing is I have answers at my fingertips for any question I may have. Wed Aug 13, Apart from Germany I dont collect anything after about so these cover my needs at the moment: I tend to use online catalogues where they are available just to find the stamp and year and then look up any details in Michel.

I believe the first colour Michels for overseas started in and they are still very pricey. I will wait a few years and then start picking them up cheaper and replace my old ones.

I see that the latest Great Britain Special is over pages compared to my pages so I think that might be the first one on my list or maybe I will go for an SG. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. Sun Sep 07, I find it striking and revealing that no one mentions Yvert et Tellier. Mon Nov 03, I have following catalogues I have some other reference books which are not catalogues and have not been included: Sun Nov 23, I am always getting reaady with catalogues for what I hope to do – and it always takes longer to get there.


The Part1 gets lots of use for Commonwealth countries going right back. I like to collect by watermark differences, perf differences and more-observable shades.

Then I have many Europe and regional SG portugsl, to get the watermark, etc, elements; I work often with very old collections from early 20th century, and going back often to s.

There;s a few others, but not used as much. Sun May 31, Yes, I do collect worldwide. Tue Jan 12, Since I first posted this back in May have added some more to the library: Ciardi Catalogo Especializado de los Sellos del Uruguay2e available as pdf download from http: Sellos Estampillas de Chile http: Specialized Romanian Stamp Cataloo.

Fri Jan 15, The Last Stamps of Newfoundland. Chung, Andrew; and Reiche, Hans. The Canadian Postage Due Stamps. Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the Nineteenth Century.

The Caricature and Landscapes Definitives of Canada. The Centennial Definitives of Canada. Stamps of British North America.

Brazil Joint Issues – Selo Show

Encyclopedia of British Empire Stamps, Vol. The Admiral Issue of Seloe. Canada–The Admiral IssueStandard Catalogue of Canadian Booklet Stamps.

Color Guide for Canada Small Queens.


Color Guides for the Admiral Issue of Canada. The Pence Issues of Newfoundland The Admiral Stamps of to The Admiral Stamps of topart 2. Canada–The War Tax Stamps. The Canadian Admiral Stamps: A Complete Annotated Reference Guide. The Canadian Lathework Design. Reflections of a Generation. Canadian Tagged Errors and Tagged Perfins.

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