dpi scan of Castlevania Aria of Sorrow for Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Manual Story Description. The year So in timely fashion, it brings to you Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, yet another free-roaming adventure-RPG in the vein of the. Order Instruction Manual Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow Game Boy Advance GBA game for sale.

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Soma Cruz, has the power to capture these souls and, in doing so, gain a wide variety of special powers and abilities.

On the evening of the 20 js A. Body status is rated according to the following categories: Re-released in North America under the Player’s Choice line 3 This Konami product is sold “as is,” without express or implied warranty of any kind, and Konami is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind resulting from use of this program.

Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow Manual (GBA)

Begin a new game or load a previously saved game. Escape this condition by pressing buttons rapidly. It is possible to save a game character level, experience points, items and game progress onto the Game Pak. Once you complete the game, having received the best ending, more options will open up: Be careful that you do not accidentally trade a Soul you want to keep.


Even without the use of an MP-restoring item, MP are replenished automatically at a slow rate. Rarely, a monster may drop an Ability Soul. xastlevania

The Game Boy Advance classic is ported over to European cell phones. Otherwise, you will lose the sleeping game data if the game is reset or turned off.

The game is set in an immense castle. Can double jump, slide, circle dash–on the ground and in the air–super jump, jump kick and brandish the whip.

When sleep game data is loaded, the start location will be the last room visited by the player from the previous game. I look at how this third GBA title msnual to the two previous.

Promo Poster 12. Pressing the A Button will return you to the Title Screen. Soma and Mina look forward to watching this rare astral event from the high-altitude view of the Shrine, hut something unexpected happens and they are knocked unconscious.

My name is Soma Cruz and I am a high school exchange student studying abroad manuaal Japan. Attacking Strength with a weapon DEF: To avoid battery leakage: Thorough investigation is bound to turn up secret items hidden within the castle walls!


Game Boy Advance games manuals | Game Boy Advance | Support | Nintendo

HP may be restored by some items. Soma is similar to the modern members of the Belmont family: A maximum of three save files may be stored on the Game Pak ; therefore, up to three players can save their progress using this Game Pak.

Konami of America, Inc. Current game progress is temporarily saved in the last room visited. Various information, including player parameters, money in possession and experience points can be examined on this screen. When you find it difficult csstlevania advance further in the game, return to the castle entrance and try talking to Mina who awaits you there.

Sit or stand as far from the screen as possible. The moment an Ability Soul is acauired. This warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear.

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