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My phone buzzed again in my pocket. Not only did we get to be best friends, but I quickly sylah50 a crush on her twin brother, Edward.

I smiled up at him and blew on the hot beverage before taking a sip. Come all over me. I just knew her as my older sister.

M – English – Drama – Chapters: My dad didn’t need to tell me how much he loved me; it was visible everywhere I looked. Sins of the Father by bethaboo reviews Bella Swan breaks free from her mother’s influence and is desperate rosses prove her music blog speaks for her generation.

After a steamy night together, they’re left to figure out their feelings and how to mesh two very different lives. I felt a tug deep inside of me as he walked away, as if aylag50 body was begging me to follow.

As I was quickly typing out a text to Alice, my phone buzzed with an incoming one. After years of fighting the attraction, a tryst in the break room leads to a complicated relationship. Canon couples goses a few surprises, but nothing too surprising. I felt him slide his hand between us, slipping his long fingers inside my moist folds until he was rubbing my clit in tight circles.


The Presidential Treatment by smmiskimen reviews President Edward Cullen decides to pass a bill that will change life as Bella Swan knows it.

So close, that the line between friendship and something more is often blurred. I hadn’t been touched by him for so long now that my skin was aching for contact, and even the slightest suggestion of time alone with him had my stomach twisting in knots.

The Training – the entire saga: Candy Hearts and Red Roses by Aylah50 http: The Breakers by les16 reviews After spending 7 years in prison, Edward gets a new start in the fishing village of Corea, Maine. She smirked and gave me a knowing look.

But the question is I’ll climb in through the window, just like old times. But they didn’t count on a fight. This is her story. I missed him, but I knew I would be too distracted with Edward around to study. His gaze was trained on my mouth as I sucked on just the tip of the red and white candy, slowly pushing it into my mouth and hollowing out my cheeks.

Is destiny a matter of chance or choice? RA and it’s authors are only responsible for the statements made in the blog, they as individiduals write.

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I have absolutely every reason to be happy. Well, you should probably go take a look, then All-human Twilight – Rated: As she grew older, the call to the ring grew stronger. Far Away Flame by Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy reviews Their story plays in her mind like a kaleidoscope of bittersweet moments in time. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cougar Town by smmiskimen reviews Never underestimate the appeal of a seventeen year old boy.

Pretenses by RPownsme – Edward Masen! Suddenly by LyricalKris reviews An apathetic actor. Substance Clad in Shadows by hollelujahs reviews Re-post: Over melted toffee and pumpkin cupcakes, she finds herself falling hard.


Hold Me Down by periwrites reviews Not me. I had just started breathing normally again when the bathroom door burst open. Camp by Christie Hart reviews Bella doesn’t exist—at least not to her sister and her former friends. Or that it smells like skunk, or that amidst the clouds of smoke, leaning against the wall is Edward Cullen. It’s Always The Quiet Ones by Roslyn Grey reviews Confessions of a sex-obsessed, small town girl, just looking to find herself in a world where curvy brunettes don’t belong, and masturbation is frowned upon.

You’re gonna be all hard up and jittery through the whole night, aren’t you? At Last by Michelle M. Will this new romance be a slam dunk? Edward stared at my lips as I spoke, a slight whimper breaking loose before he kissed me one more time. Going The Distance by myonlyheroin reviews Fighting was all she’d ever known.

Candy Hearts and Red Roses by Aylah50 (@Aylah50) ~ Complete « TwiFanfictionRecs

All Yours by GeekChic12 reviews A summer fling. Two Makes Three by xXTailoredDreamsXx reviews Bella is emotionally broken after her long term relationship with Jacob ends when he chooses his love for music over her. Masen- Fraser reviews Bella has suffered so many goodbyes in her 17 years, when she suffers a massive goodbye, will she change her mind on becoming a vampire?

When we finally got home, I threw the ham in the oven to bake as I went about unpacking my luggage. But what is she? Hydraulic Level 5 by Gondolier. You guys keep interrupting us.

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