I found the Aerocourse ATPL Workbook my most helpful study resource. Questions range from Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS). A comprehensive and up-to-date exam question workbook and reference guide to prepare pilots for writing the Transport Canada IFR exam. The manual covers. Items 1 – 36 of 56 AEROCOURSE INSTRUMENT RATING WORKBOOK. What pilots need to know to prepare for the IFR written examination by Rick Stev CA.

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Rob had all the latest information and I highly recommend the course. My suggestion for anyone preparing for the exams is to plan to workbooo both in one day. Find More Posts by click. Just keep at it! For more information, contact AeroCourse by: I did my ATPL course with them several years ago. Did mine a looong time ago with them in a weekend cram jam at a local hotel.

Canadian ATPL Workbook, 5th Ed.

There just seems like an endless amount of trivia to know…. I decided to write at hours as I feel I am close enough to definitely reach in two years and I also had some time to study as I am between jobs at the moment. Before or after, doesn’t matter, point is that they do not spoon canadiam you.


Rob had all the latest information and I highly recommend the course. For more information, contact AeroCourse by: You may not post new threads. Weather Fundamentals Read the Skies Article about it here. Aerocourse does do seminar courses in amjor centres around the country. Workblok would highly recommend Aerocourse.

Canadian ATPL Workbook 5th edition – Aerocourse

If you haven’t dtudied a lick, chances are you won’t be exam ready just by attending the seminar. Find More Posts by JoeCo. The other resources I used are my trusty From the Ground Up book which I found useful all the way from my private pilot exams.

Not only was the material covered and course delivery on point, workboom Neil was extremely knowledgeable and engaging as a teacher. I love the way the Aerocourse is always adapted to the way Transport Canada changed the exams. Thanks very much for putting these things on!!!! Find More Posts by grind king.


Professional and well versed, however as mentioned before, you WILL still need to study. Canada The great white north. Excellent instructors, well spent money. Find More Posts by Capt. I just wanted to atpp you a line to thank you for putting on such an excellent course. They have been very professional, well prepared and have had an extremely good success rate.


Find More Posts by oldebloke.

After two weeks of hard studying, I can proudly say that I have passed both exams in one wormbook As has been mentioned try www. Thanks very much for putting these things on!!!! Comprehensive ATR tutorials prior to writing the exams Find More Posts by Looking4higher.

From what i gather the requirements of the ATPL are 1. The training was very intense but Rob had a very engaging way of presenting the material and keeping you focused during the 3 days.

Check out their website. Page Question 2 — no correct answer as the medical requirements have changed since the print of this edition Page Question 7 answer b Page Question 8 answer b Met Theory Page Question 31 answer b Met Practical Page Question 39 answer a Page Question 67 answer a or b both are correct. Currently in the saving mode at the mo teaching jazz and english.

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