Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 5 by Silvanus P. Thompson. Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson. No cover available. Calculus Made Easy is a book on calculus originally published in by Silvanus P. Thompson, considered a classic and elegant introduction to the subject. New York, N.Y. The original edition of Calculus Made Easy was written by Silvanus P. Thompson and published in , with subsequent editions in.

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But all in all was a helpful book.

Calculus Made Easy

My judgement of the cover notwithstanding, Thompson does manage to demystify an intimidating topic. It then follows the standard pattern of teaching differentiation first, building up the formulas, until it then applies the knowledge to integration and the different methods for it. I myself learned calculus in much the same way as it is This book definitely makes calculus easy, by presenting it with simple enough concepts that are then backed up by the mathematics needed to understand them.

Aug 30, Arnaud Wolff calculud it really liked it. Sep calulus, Roger rated it it was amazing.

Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson – Free Ebook

The original book can be obtained free from gutenberg. The invective against obscurantism in mathematics is also spot on. To be fair to Thompson, though, the simplicity comes in part from using infinitesimals rather than limits, and the logical basis for infinitesimals wouldn’t achieve rigor until non-standard analysis circaor smooth infinitesimal analysis circa A must have for high school students and parents or teachers who wish to teach children calculus.

This book is definitely worth the read. Calculus Made Easy ignores the use of limits with its epsilon-delta definitionreplacing czlculus with a method of approximating to arbitrary precision directly to the correct answer in the infinitesimal spirit of Leibniznow formally justified in modern non-standard analysis and smooth infinitesimal analysis. To see what your friends thought of madde book, please sign up. This isn’t all the other calculus books out there.


Aug 26, Allyn rated it it was amazing. Calculus is first introduced with integrals, to first teach infinitesimals and why they are interesting. It is difficult rating a text book. Oct 21, Kevin Yee rated it it was amazing.

Honestly, personally, i may solve only basic things from all chapters. Readers will surely realise this book and eady in many respects the calculus is an art rather than science.

The style is conversational, even breezy. Another point that is important to note is that they don’t just demonstrate how the problems are done, Thompson and Gardener also prove how the math is true and how it can be used in science and in the real world. Then I would realize what both of them were trying to say.

Martin Gardner has updated and revised the latest edition. I learned calc in high school and hated it. These points also help you know how the definitions or the problems. When I first found this book in the mid’s, I thought at first that tompson was one of those “made easy” trend books I had been seeing so much of.

Feb 25, Dan Perik rated it really liked it. I definitely plan to use it with my children when they are older. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Calculus Made Easy. The author doesn’t seem to have a madf audience in mind.

I should emphasise that the edition I read was not the one updated by Martin Gardner, with its new introduction, three new chapters and modernised language. Presented the concepts quite simply and readably. It can be freely accessed on Project Gutenberg.

If you have any interest in math or are going to be forced into taking Calculus Calculus Made Easy will make the topic enjoyable or at least understandable. Overall, it serves my intended purpose of refreshing myself and solidifying the concepts I learnt in high school, which I learnt by rote-learning then.


How making that jump from learning trigonometry and algebra to learning calculus is a profound experience. Calculus Made Easy has been a classic introduction to the subject ever since it was first published by Silvanus P. Good introduction book to the concepts of calculus.

Gardner covers some of the issues that have been addressed in the teaching of higher math, and he makes no bones about the need to encourage rather than discourage those who can most benefit from having a practical knowledge of this powerful mathematical tool.

Pages to import images to Wikidata Commons category link from Wikidata All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from November Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with Project Gutenberg links All stub articles. Silvanus P ThompsonMartin Gardner. About this particular edition, print quality is poor. Good, this is making a comeback. Of course, as the title presumes, this is a very short introduction to the basics of calculus differentiating and integratingand the book clearly has its limits.

Not only that, Martin Gardener wrote an amazing preface and reviewed the entire book. But no, this little gem had seen by then three dozen reprintings starting in Changing the size of the type does not increase the size of any mathematical notation. With a new introduction, three new chapters, modernized language and methods throughout, and an appendix of challenging and enjoyable practice problems, Calculus Made Easy has been thoroughly updated for the modern reader. But let’s be honest: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Revision of a classic primer made more accessible by one of the twentieth century’s greatest mathematicians and thinkers.

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