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Think independently and bulannik in the area of profession. With the idea that these determined criteria would be effective on the fuzzy solutions since they contain uncertainty, frequently used fuzzy AHP method was used.

Skip to main content. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Explaining the basic concepts of Fuzzy Logic Contribution to Program Outcomes Follow technological developments, ilkelero contemporary and scientific information, Generate, evaluate, interpret and utilize new technological and scientific information.

No Purpose of the course: Summary M any large-scale enterprises in the production and service sectors use six sigma as a process improvement method.

Verbal variables belonging to each decision maker were transformed into fuzzy triangular numbers, and then merging operation was performed by considering decision maker weights to form a single decision matrix.

Journal of Aeronautics and Space Mantk[S. To learn the concept of fuzziness. Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences www.

Tutorials that may be downloaded from the internet. The success and timely completion of this project depends on that this classification is useful and fair and are accepted by landowners. It will not be easy to pass this course without attending class.


Since the implementation of a project when it is not needed will cause high costs and the motivation loss of employees, the selection of the project to be considered primarily among the possible projects undertake a key role in success. In this study, since six sigma project evaluation criteria contain uncertainty, it has been found appropriate to use fuzzy logic and fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods in project selection, which are the closest method to human thinking style.

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However, homeworks at Matlab and Simulink environment will be assigned. Prediction of these circumstances in a systematic manner is possible only after making some assumptions. The study was carried out on the series decanters which are sold by company at most.

It is possible to analyze those uncertainties within the context of the fuzzy logic theory developed by Zadeh.


Own studies outside class: Ratio of the activities in the semester bulanuk total success: In this study we first summarize the fundamentals of the fuzzy logic theory and then give an application fe the theory to a flight problem. Having different orders between methods causes decision makers to feel insecure about the methods.

If accepted for publication, I hereby grant the unlimited and all copyright privileges to Journal of Aeronautics and Space Technologies.

The conducted literature review has revealed that there is a large number of methods to select six sigma projects. Log In Sign Up. An International Journal, c.

By using the extent analysis method, 15 criteria were evaluated by considering the weight of the decision makers. Familiarity with Boolean logic and set theory. Grading of workloads in the Semester: What Is Six Sigma? Copyrights Copyright for this article is retained by the author swith first publication rights granted to the journal.

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Duration Hours per week. Second Cycle Master’s Type of course: Turkish Mode of delivery: Area Elective Language of instruction: Rule base has been created for calculating modeleme the parcel index. Ratio of the final bualnik to total success: Access knowledge and hold roles that augment individual abilities.

From DMAC, each decision maker was asked to determine the influence level in the fe by verbal variables. This situation pushes the decision maker to ask the question “which project should I choose by which method? There are many evaluation and selection methods for six sigma project in the literature.

However, it cannot provide a solution suggestion in cases where the project evaluation criteria are fuzzy. This course covers; classical sets and fuzzy set theorem, fuzzy logic principals, the basic structure of fuzzy logic controllers, system variables and fuzzy parameters, fuzzification methods, the construction of rule tables, fuzzy inference and defuzzification techniques, the bulanij of fuzzy logic controllers, case studies and applications using fuzzy logic controllers.

Objective of the lecture: Mantjk information Course title:

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