Building with Earth by Gernot Minke, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Building with Earth Gemot Minke Building with Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture Birkhauser – Publishers for Architecture Basel • Berlin. Minke, Gernot Documentation of 30 international earth buildings. The characteristics of the building material earth and its applications in modern architecture.

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Loam has a specific heat of 1.

It is ecologically desirable to use chips made of branches and portions of trees not other- wise used in structural work. The proportion of the components is commonly represented on a graph of the type shown in 2. In fact, one can only distinguish successive strata at sudden changes of grain-size distribution, and these may not coincide with the actual defined limits between clay and silt, and between silt and sand see 2.

Feldspar contains alu- minium oxide, a second metal oxide and silicon dioxide.

This handbook presents the basic theoret- ical data concerning this material, and it pro- vides the necessary guidelines, based on scientific research and practical experience, for applying it in a variety of contexts.

Despite mechanised production of soil blocks using presses, the output per person per day is only to wuth, considerably less than that of the primitive method involving throwing loam into moulds. If clods of clayey soil are to be used, they have to remain covered with water for some days in large flat containers. The most important part of this vibrating ram is its specially shaped base, which allows the apparatus to move within the formwork by itself while compacting the earth.

After three weeks, the wall feels completely dry, although water content is still slightly higher than the equilibrium moisture content.


eartu The composition and varying properties of loam depend on local conditions. Experiments show that coatings and additional application of floor wax increase abrasion resistance con- siderably.


To achieve a U-value of 0. Its engine has a frequency of to cycles per minute. As timber has a higher density than straw or cork, the thermal insulation of that mixture is obviously lower.

Brick dust wiht low-temperature baked bricks also exhibits slight pozzolanic properties, but dust of high -temperature baked bricks from industrial brick plants do not. The addi- tional hardening process caused by the reaction of the hydrated lime with the car- bon dioxide from the air occurs very slowly.

Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture by Gernot Minke

From these investigations, we derive the following guidelines: The average shrinkage of the three sam- ples in relation to the length of mm gives the linear shrinkage ratio in percent- ages. One grrnot the easiest methods for reducing the size of clods and making their consistency workable without mechan- ical labour is to place min,e earth clods witu water so that they can become plastic on their own. Much more impor- tant than the beta and gamma rays are the alpha rays emitted by the radioactive gas radon and its short-lived decay products.

As a rule, it is not. Since the process- es involved are labour-intensive and require only inexpensive tools and machines, they are ideal for do-it-yourself building. Effects of vapour 2. In areas where no hairline cracks were found, this effect did not occur.

The quantity of loam slurry has to be designed so that the volumes between aggregate particles are not completely filled, that is, the aggregates are only glued together at points of contact.

Clay minerals usually have buildding hexagonal lamellar crystalline structure. If the disc diameter is larger than 50 mm, then the mixture has to be dried slightly and the whole process repeated until the exact diameter is attained. Thermal insulation The thermal insulation capacities of solid rammed earth walls using normal soil is not sufficient to provide the levels of thermal insulation required in cold climates.


To hasten and enhance the curing process, 20 to 40 g sodium hydroxide NaOH can be added to each litre of water. The curve is plotted cumulatively, with each grain size including all the fine components. Radioactivity Measurements of the radiation of beta and gamma rays show that loam has values no higher on average than concrete or baked bricks.

Interestingly, all loam samples dried out after 20 to 30 days, whereas baked clay bricks, sand-lime bricks and concrete had not dried out even after days.

By this reasoning, the overall fac- tor of safety in earth components is about 7. Interestingly, the silty soil samples gave higher w-values than those of clayey soil. The loam-clods are placed in large flat containers in a layer 15 to 25 cm high and then covered with water. In this context, one should be aware that 4.

Large blocks and prefabricated panels 8.

Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture

Its properties and physical characteristics are described in informed and knowledgeable mink. The layers of silicon oxide have the strongest negative Kaolinite lllite Montmorillonite charge, which endows them with a high interlamellary binding force see 2. The core of the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico, eartn between the and AD, consists of approximately 2 million tons of rammed earth. As shown in 5. Cutting can be managed by a vari- ety of manual or mechanical methods.

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