p>Extractos de hoja de vid silvestre (EHVS) (Vitis spp.) de tres accesiones (P- , E y TN-4) se evaluaron in vitro a 6, 8 y 12 % v/v con el. Caracterización genética de aislamientos de Botrytis cinerea obtenidos en vides población local de aislamientos de B. cinerea obtenidos de vid en Argentina. gris en diversos cultivos de importancia económica, tales como el arándano, la vid, 01 Esporulación (signo) de Botrytis cinerea en durazno en poscosecha.

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The Biology of Botrytis.

Group I shows a restricted host and geographic range and comprises only vacuma isolates. Identification of Botrytis spp.

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A review of the direct and indirect effects of nitrogen on botrytis bunch rot in ciberea grapes. Resistance of grapes in different developmental stages to Botrytis cinerea.

The Fst values between the Champagne subpopulations were low as was observed for other comparisons of sites within a viticulture region. As stated by Giraud et al.


It has been demonstrated that the physical removal of senescent tissues e. Early Botrytis rot of grapes: For the 36 samples that were analysed 35 local strains and the previously genotyped vacuma foreign strainthe amplified PCR products showed the expected size for all the targets tested.

J Microbiol Methods, botryttispp. Allele reported for the first time.

Factors influencing the infection of table grapes by Botrytis cinerea. However, nothing is known about its genetic diversity in Argentina. The fungus Botrytis cinerea Pers.

Fungicide resistance in crop pathogens: Timing applications of the dicarboximide fungicides. Material and methods Fungal isolates A total of 35 isolates of B. Status of the Botrytis cinerea species complex and microsatellite analysis of transposon types in South Asia and Australia.

Botrytis bunch rot of grapes: The restriction pattern for each enzyme sn analysed according to Giraud et al. Grape GM caused by B.

Pudrición gris, causada por Botrytis cinerea, limita la producción de vid en Chile

Mutations leading to substitutions at amino acids and of beta-tubulin that correlate with benomyl-resistance phenotypes of field strains of Botrytis cinerea.

De Miccolis Angelini, R. Mol Biol Evol, 14pp. Heading and shoot removal. Susceptibility of grapes to Botrytis cinerea in relation to berry nitrogen cinerfa sugar concentration.


This isolate was kindly supplied by Dr. The role of saprotrophy and virulence in the population dynamics of Botrytis cinerea in vineyards. The population pairwise Fst values were calculated for the data sets that corresponded to the Mendoza and French populations mentioned above, and the results are displayed in Table Quinone outside inhibitors QoI strobilurines e.

Lanes 7—8 Rsa I restricted Nitrate reductase alleles 0 and 1. The resulting products were checked by agarose gel electrophoresis, and the reactions repeated three times for each PCR marker prior to the RFLP analysis. This work constitutes the first cinera on the genetic diversity of B. Microbial Control of Botrytis spp. Mycol Res,pp. Phytopathology, 95pp.

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