What’s a little lamb to do about a fierce coyote that wants to eat her? Why, trick him, of course and and trick him again and trick him one more. Borreguita and the Coyote has ratings and 77 reviews. Manybooks said: Petra Mather’s illustrations are bright, and actually rather sweet, if not cute. A hungry coyote wants Borreguita (little lamb) for a meal. Can Borreguita outwit the coyote and escape a cruel end?.

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Yet the coyote returns again and again until she rams him right in the head. Boreguita shares a tale from Ayutla, Mexico. Has a few Spanish words.

Borreguita and the Coyote

Verna Aaredma, perhaps best known for her adaptations of African folklore, here thee her attention to Mexico, with happy results. Deborah Abbott Booklist, Sept.

There is one part in the book where the sheep is describing cheese to the coyote and says that the farmer that takes care of it eats cheese and puts it on his tacos–referring to a typical Mexican meal. The humor of the story is expanded by the illustrations. I admit I was nervous though, about whether the little lamb’s trickery would do her in.

The thr is also luscious an Published: Apr 01, ALB rated it really liked it Shelves: The coyote is also seen as sort of confused and borreugita in the illustrations, showing that the coyote isn’t as bright as the sheep and always falls for it’s tricks. The lamb is free at last.


Borreguita and the Coyote: Reading Rainbow Book

Readers find pleasure not only is guessing the ways the little lamb will trick the hungry coyote, but also will find something charming in the hungry beast as he continually is duped. I may have been too tired the times I chose to look at them.

On a farm at the foot of a mountain, there lived a little ewe lamb. A source for discussion on the following topics: Second, she pretends to be holding up two rocks and makes the Coyote use all his effort to not let the rocks fall. Themes include animals and cleverness. She catapults into his open mouth, and the jolt causes the coyote to lose his balance and run away in pain.

The straightforward, colorful illustrations by Petra Mathers complement the subtle humor in the text. Based on a Mexican folktale. Oct 16, Estrella rated it really liked it.

BORREGUITA AND THE COYOTE by Verna Aardema , Petra Mathers | Kirkus Reviews

I found that the illustrations fit the story very well – my f Oh, this one’s ending made me chuckle! I think that’s a tricky lesson to teach children, since we stress honesty but them see the lamb lie in order to stay alive. Although the coyote wants very badly to eat out protagonist, he also does not want the mountain to fall down, and it is that which keeps us engaged and bkrreguita through the pages.

I found that the illustrations fit the story very well – my favorite was one with the little lamb standing on the ledge looking down over the valley with the coyote looking for her way below. The story is well retold by Aardema. I know that the illustrations are based on the folk art style, but I found them a little disturbing.


She also worked as a journalist for the Muskegon Chronicle from Mar 05, Emily Burke rated it really liked it Shelves: She took him out to the lake one night and the coyoet moon shone like a big round ball of cheese voyote the lake. Another worthy addition to any folklore enthusiast’s shelf. This book would be appropriate for kindergarten aged children up through third or even fourth graders. Lists with This Book. And this minor but essential factoid ansolutely makes Borreguita and the Coyote so much more acceptable than many of the other “big bad wolf” type of folktales, where the wolf more often than not ends up dead and usually killed with extreme violence, and in the most horrid way imaginable.

In a departure from her typical African tales, Verna Aardema retells this traditional Mexican trickster tale in which a borreguita little sheep outsmarts the all-powerful coyote.

Borreguita and the Coyote by Verna Aardema | : Books

Aug 27, Crystal Marcos rated it liked it. It even has just a little bit of Spanish woven into the story, as it is set in Ayutla, Mexico. Aardema and Mathers are felicitously paired in a tale of trickery rewarded.

In the end the coyote learned his lesson and never bothered the little lamb again.

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