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As a “Platonic” utterance of the idealists their criticism had not sufficient weight in the world of practice to be either seriously opposed or seriously defended.

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The nation as a whole cannot pay interest on its debts unless the citizens as individuals produce the wealth wherewith this interest is paid, otherwise the nation will be paying away its capital.

Incapable of creating anything, he yet finds himself endowed with a power of moving things, which, as he masters the secrets of nature’s working, gradually enables him to imprison, impress, or suspend the action of her powers, and so make her his servant. That is to say, the work of capital in production may be quite definitely marked out, and its ibteres relation to the value it capitwl be exactly determined, and yet the distribution of its results may be taken from intdres owners and given over to the corporate owning of the state.

Thanks to all this I have arrived at a result as paradoxical as it is natural: I am persuaded that many people think they have determined the “cost” and due reward of labour when they have found how many weekly wages of 20s. Then, from the ninth chapter onwards, with extraordinary display of force and erudition, with many passages full of striking eloquence, but, it must be said, with endless prolixity, comes the disproof of the argument that interest is “unnatural.

To capial the word “money” in the definition by the word “goods” only reflected, indeed, the more thorough grasp which was now taken baerk the subject.

The direct use of a good is here replaced by the employment of the good, and the “most useful ” is translated into the ” best paying,” or “most remunerative. First of all, economists fell heir not only to baeerk fundamental conception, but to the seed of ambiguity which Adam Smith had planted in it.

If a sound industrial company is known to be paying a dividend higher than a certain definite percentage on its capital, the value of the stock, or parent capital, will rise to the point where dividend corresponds to an interest no greater than this definite percentage— e. To the observer of men and things it must in time have become questionable whether the obstinate and always increasing resistance of practical life really had its root, as the canonists affirmed, only in human wickedness and hardness of heart.


As such they are, in constitution and action, wholly and entirely natural products, and subject to natural laws.

In the case where the article in question is not perishable, if the bawegk that is transferred is not to be paid for, the legal transaction is a Commodatum: D and harvest become separated, not by months but by years, and the amount of wealth in a community, as enabling labour to bridge over the long time of growth, becomes visibly the condition of its average production period, and so of its average productiveness.

It does not fall within our province to capltal into the theory of land rent. It was to its pressure that the revolution in opinion was due, theory meanwhile halting clumsily behind the reform in public opinion and legislation. If, further, it be maintained that, along with the money itself, its use also has passed over into the inters property of the borrower, and that he therefore is paying in interest for his own property, Molinaeus answers No.

The answer may be put in the following way. In depth, inasmuch as the explanation must be carried without a break to the very limits of economical research: But when at the proper moment he adds the last condition, the movement hitherto held in leash, as it were, is suddenly set free, and the desired effect is obtained at the opportune time.

Capital and Interest Eugen von | Mises Institute

Thus it was inevitable that its collisions with the economical world should become much more numerous and much more serious. How entirely incapable is the human hand of imitating even one of those wonderfully delicate cellular tissues which nature flings out in thousandfold, every day, in every plant and leaf!

The roof and walls of a house cannot, properly speaking, beget money, but when the use of the house is exchanged for money a legitimate money gain may be drawn from the house.

It was no less a man than Adam Smith who ingeres and rectified Turgot’s definition. The dark days which preceded and followed the break up of the Roman Empire had brought a reaction in economical matters, which, in its turn, had the natural result of strengthening the old hostile feeling against interest.

There is a rich vein of excellent sandstone in a neighbouring hill.

A dwelling-house, a hired horse, a circulating library bear interest to their respective owners without having anything to do with the production of new wealth. To the first category belongs all work of which the farmer’s is the natural type: Modes of thought, arrangement, manner of working, may remain foreign.


The sum returned, “principal” plus interest, is the market valuation and equivalent of the “principal” lent. Briefly it amounts to this, that all material “goods,” the objects of economical attention as distinct from mere “things,” are economic only in virtue of their use, real or imaginary.

Of greater importance is the second phase, although neither as regards the number of its writers nor the very imposing array of arguments they introduced. The first efforts to accumulate capital must be attended by sacrifice; a temporary sacrifice, of course, to secure a permanent gain, but, in the first instance at least, a material sacrifice. Ricardo, in pointing to the “original and indestructible powers of the soil” as the cause of rent, was right so far as his explanation indicated why the gross return was also the net, but wrong so far as it indicated that rent was due to the productiveness of this peculiar kind of durable good.

Capital and Interest Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk.pdf

We combine our own natural powers and natural powers of the external world in such a way that, under natural law, the desired material good must come into existence. It is the explanation of Net interest with which the theory of interest naturally has to do.

caputal Then follows the reply to some of the arguments based by the canonists on fairness and expediency; such as, that it is unfair to the borrower, who assumes the risk of the principal sum lent him, to burden him with interest in addition, and to make him hand over the fruit of the money to another who takes no risk; that usury would lead to the neglect of agriculture, commerce, and the other bonae artes, to the injury of the common weal, and so on.

The origin of caapital is due to two factors, Industry and Saving, baaerk being indispensable. It is of course a familiar expression of everyday life that interest is the price paid for the “use of capital,” but most writers seem to have accepted this formula without translating it.

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