Grisham demonstrated he could produce bestsellers without legal aid with The Painted House and Skipping Christmas, and he’. John Grisham abandons the legal world for American football in Bleachers. What a shame, says Harry Ritchie. Now, as Coach Rake’s “boys” sit in the bleachers waiting for the dimming field lights to signal his passing, they replay the old games, relive the.

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Bleachers (novel) – Wikipedia

I was so glad this book was short! More Grishsm and About This Author. There is no excitement, suspense, or anticipation.

They sat three in a row and watched another jogger limp by. Bleachers was all about a small town football team and one of the main character Neely Crenshaw returns back to their old town Mensia while their former coach, Grixham Rake is dying.

I like the metaphor of the coach being the field and how that is his legacy.

The first jogger appeared and began plodding counter-clockwise around the track. Then things were quiet again. I also feared the reaction of one of my Goodreads friends if I failed to finish it as he commented that it was his favourite Grisham book!

The story unfolds to reveal his greatest victories and biggest regrets. Bleachers was published on June 22, He hadn’t lost weight, hadn’t gained any either, and still looked like a nose grishma as he walked slowly around the edge of the field. This is a very painful novel to read having played high school football myself and I share many of beachers same feelings towards my old coach as Neely does — and as I’m sure many other former athletes do — despite the fact that I was not a star, hell I grishaj even a first stringer.


Silo could still put on the pads, snap the ball, and draw blood. Neely Crenshaw comes back to his hometown to say goodbye to a beloved coach. What Somewhere out there is someone who heard that John Grisham was a great author, chose this as their first book of Grisham’s to read, and remains confused about the hype. It was Rake, an oversized Rake with wrinkles on the forehead and the familiar scowl around the eyes, yet just nohn hint of a smile.

Bleachees his successful foray into mainstream fiction with a coming-of-age tale, The Painted HouseJohn Grisham tries his hand at yet another subject with his winning new novel Bleachers. As a sophomore, he is national player of the week when he throws for six touchdowns against Purdue University.

Be careful what you say about Rake. A maintenance man was usually loitering somewhere nearby, watching to make grizham no one dared step on the grass of Rake Field. It’s not a John Grisham thriller, for sure.

A whole new ball game

When Neely was younger and playing football with his friends, a man watching him approached Neely, saying “You’re going to play football for the Spartans. Neely is a highly recruited quarterback with a golden arm, fast feet, plenty of sizes, maybe the greatest Messina quarterback ever. I knew it was about football and didn’t expect it to be fast-paced or action-packed. When the story begins, most of the football players Rake had coached in his 34 years at Messina High School return to the town for the funeral of the legendary coach, a man both beloved and reviled.

The setting for Bleachers is Messina, a town in an unidentified Southern state which becomes the center of the universe for high school football fans on Friday nights.


The legacy of this man reverberates even as he takes his last breath. He nodded at them, climbed a few rows, then sat and gazed at the field, very still and very alone. I would highly recommand this book to those who enjoy sports and deep story lines.

Why he was returning now wasn’t completely clear, but deep in grksham soul he’d always known this day would come, the day somewhere out there in the future when he was called back. Eighty-four wins in a row, a national record at that time, and Eddie Rake was a legend at the age of thirty-nine.

His career was cut short due to a knee injury in college. After graduation, Crenshaw had received 31 scholarship offers and chooses Tech, a fictional university.

Bleachers by John Grisham – Review | BookPage | BookPage

Possibly it’s because bleachrs hard to get worked up about teams and matches that are made-up, sport has proved to be even more difficult for novelists to describe successfully than sex, as grishsm supposed classics – a special mention here for JL Carr’s How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the FA Cup – of a benighted sub-genre will attest.

This was a good book I enjoyed the theme of sports and commodore throughout the town. The Activist Theodore Boone: Paperbackpages. Never saw Rake, didn’t want to.

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