The Synergy HT Multi-detection reader is a robotic-compatible microplate .. and J. Sambrook () Molecular Cloning A Laboratory Manual, Cold Spring. View and Download BioTek Synergy HT operator’s manual online. Multi-Mode Microplate Reader. Synergy HT Laboratory Equipment pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for BioTek Synergy HT. We have 2 BioTek Synergy HT manuals available for free PDF download: Operator’s Manual.

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Page When processing is complete, save the experiment using an identifying file name.

BioTek Synergy HT Manuals

If it is out of date, contact BioTek to schedule a recertification. The assay plate must match the plate type selected in Gen5.

A monochromator is used for absorbance measurements.

Updated the dispense module pinch hazard warning text and symbols. The trough holds up to 1.

Recommended Qualification Schedule Instrument Qualification Chapter 4 Instrument Qualification This chapter contains procedures for qualifying the initial and ongoing performance of the Synergy HT and the external dispense module if used. If the water does not stream out, try soaking the heads in hot soapy water and then reinserting the stylus.

Reassembling The Components Absorbance Liquid Test 2 Page PCB sent the wrong voltage request to the lamp power supply. Run the carrier autocal for both absorbance and fluorescence.

Clean The Internal Components Chapter 5: COM port to which the reader is biotel. Wipe all sides of the plate carrier. Syringes Syringe brackets Thumbscrews Figure Insert the top foam end cap.

The module is marked with one of the symbols shown here. If sodium hypochlorite bleach was used, perform Rinse the Fluid Lines on the next page. Getting Started Guide Getting Wynergy Excitation and Emission Filter Wheels All Synergy HT models are equipped with one Excitation filter wheel and one Emission filter wheel, for use with fluorescence and luminescence measurements.


Page Appendix B: Decontaminate The Fluid Lines See Chapter 1 for contact information.


Page This test is performed when the instrument is first turned on and then tested periodically during background functions. Page 97 H12 position is 1. Examine the fittings; no leaks should be detected. After positioning the well over the probe, the instrument waits milliseconds before taking the measurement 8-flash data collection. Leave the fluid to soak overnight or over a weekend, and then purge the fluid before using the instrument again.

Please also register your product with BioTek to ensure that you receive important information and updates about the product s you have purchased.

Clean both sides of the filter with bt paper. Page 42 Chapter 2: Error Codes Fatal Errors Fatal errors indicate conditions that require immediate attention.

BioTek Synergy HT Operator’s Manual

Each laboratory must ensure that decontamination procedures are adequate boitek the Biohazard s they handle. Other forms of commercially available packaging are not recommended Additional minor cosmetic changes throughout. Page 74 Gen5 provides a special utility to purge fluid from the dispense tubing and syringe by pumping the fluid in reverse, back into the supply bottle. This error indicates that no autocal data for any of the three read locations bottom probe, top probe, absorbance.

Close and seal the outer box with tape. Excitation And Emission Filter Wheels Page 37 – 4: Required synerrgy outside when locked in If the carrier is inside the read chamber and the probe needs to move down but the door is locked, the carrier cannot move out of the way of the top probe assembly.


Models with injectors only: Replace the filter wheel brackets in their respective positions and replace the thumbscrews.

Page 6 Run the Absorbance Plate Test Intended Use Statement Warranty and Product Registration Take a moment to review the Warranty information that shipped with your product. Write the RMA number in large clear numbers on the outside of the box. Using other forms of commercially available packaging, or failing to follow the Page 66 Chapter 3: Contact Information outside the U.

Chapter 5 Preventive Maintenance This chapter provides step-by-step instructions for maintaining the Synergy HT and external dispense module if used in top condition, to ensure that they continue to perform to specification. If your instrument s or software fails to function properly, if you have questions about how to use or maintain our products, or if you need to send an instrument to BioTek for service or repair, please contact our Technical Assistance Center.

H12 position is 1. Page – Alternate Procedure for Models with Inje Absorbance Plate Test PN to confirm the mechanical alignment; optical density accuracy, linearity, and repeatability; and wavelength accuracy of the Synergy HT. Page 54 Perform these steps to prepare the dispense module for shipment:

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