Results 1 – 10 of 38 This page lists all recordings of Passacaglia for violin solo in G minor (from Mystery Sonatas) (‘The Guardian Angel’) by Heinrich Ignaz Franz. Biber: Violin Sonatas Product Image Biber: Violin Sonata No. 1. $ . Biber: Passacaglia for violin solo in G minor (from Mystery Sonatas). Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (August 12, ? May 3, ) was a Bohemian-Austrian composer and violinist. Biber was born in Wartenberg (now Strá?.

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Biber: Violin Sonatas

The Recorded Viola, Vol. For this reason, it is considered the most important precursor of J.

Biber, Hartke, Reger, Rochberg, Bach. Sonatae Violino Solo, etc. He was known as a violin virtuoso and is best known for his violin works, many of which employ scordatura unconventional tunings of the open strings. The realisation of Sonata Violkn within the volume score pp.

The original and only manuscript is stored in the Bavarian State Library in Munich.

Passacaglia (Mystery Sonata), for violin solo in G minor, C. 105

In this tradition, at every point a series apssacaglia prayers was to be recited and related to the beads on the rosary this is the reason why they are also named the Rosary Sonatas. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Baroque Lute in Vienna.


There is no title page, passacagila the manuscript begins with a dedication to his employer, Archbishop Gandolph. The reconfiguration of the violin is also symbolic.

While the more famous Mystery Sonatas have quickly found friends, the set is still largely unknown. Javascript is required for this feature.

All results Original member’s compositions only Classical and arrangement works only You’ve Selected: Each sonata corresponds to one of the fifteen Mysteries and a Passacaglia for solo violin which closes the collection, possibly relating to the Feast of the Guardian Angel which, at the time, was a celebration that took place on different dates near those of the rosary processions in September and October Manze Special Offers On Offer 3.

The Bass of Time. Editor Erwin Luntz The Passacaglia in G minor is one of the only works in the collection that requires the standard tuning open strings on G, D, A and E. Showing 1 – 10 of 38 results.

Biber – Chaconnes & Passacailles

Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch violin Battalia. Each sonata employs a different tuning of bibee violin. Polyphonic arpeggio with sixteen-notes Inthree new recordings emerged by Andrew Manze, Pavlo Beznosiuk and Monica Huggett, showing new interest in this particular work by Biber. Biber Violin with strings prepared for Sonata No.

Masters of the Lute. Chords by ostinato and dotted upper melody with the end of monophonic arpeggio with sixteenth notes However, they are assembled into a remarkably coherent large-scale form which is also relevant to the Mysteries of the Rosary. Retrieved from ” biberr In addition the eleventh sonata requires bibr violinist to cross over the middle strings at the bridge and nut to allow octave tunings between the adjacent pairs of outer strings.


Free sheet music C, (Biber, Heinrich Ignaz) Passacaglia

Eichler also suggests that the sonatas are best enjoyed when listened to from beginning to end, as a journey that is brought to life through the different viplin of sound and color that the scordatura lends to the instrument Eichler View full details Listen to samples.

The Coming of Light. Arpeggios with rhythmic repeating notes Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. View full details Read reviews Listen to samples Watch videos.

Once rediscovered, the Mystery Sonatas became Biber’s most widely known composition. Many such pieces are built on descending tetrachords, but in this case it may constitute a reference. Classical and arrangement works only. G, F, E flat, D.

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