5 quotes from remembered rapture: the writer at work: ‘No black woman writer in this culture can write too much. Indeed, no woman writer can write too. Remembered Rapture: Dancing with Words bell hooks. Writing is my passion. It is a way to experience the ecstatic. The root understanding of the word. Remembered Rapture celebrates literacy, the joys of reading and writing, and the lasting power of the book. Once again, these essays reveal bell hooks’s.

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They are just jealous of your logorrhoea. As you can see, by the page 35, I was really annoyed and ready to scream. Considering the centuring of silence, the genres of writing that have been virtually the sole terrain of men, more contributions by women writers should be both encouraged and welcomed.

Raptufe, there’s some good ole feminism in it. Often I find that in some areas of womanhood I am still very naive! This passion for words is the heartbeat of this contemplative collection of essays. I think male confessional literature that is sensational in character is dismissed as much as its female counterpart. Wrongly, she suggested that the book was rwpture a recycling of already published work. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Open Preview See a Problem?

Am I having a deja vu? Most likely because it is a collection of rememberes and essays that span twenty years. Her life, her attitude, her sheer productivity and commitment to social justice, women, remembreed women writers and intellectuals.

And beyond the challenges, the gift of finding your literary, poetic and political voice. She gave me all of that and more. Back cover copy Born and raised in the rural South, bell hooks learned early the power of the written word and the importance of speaking her mind.


Cultural critic, memoirist Wound of Passion: I suppose I am not very spiritual and have never experienced spirits writing through me or any sort of muse.

However, there was much repetition throughout which got to be annoying, it seemed careless to not have edited that out. She offers interesting insight, won Like with all of hooks’ books, I took my time with it but thought about it constantly.

As a raptuer I have always only written on subjects that intrigue and fascinate me. Hooks opens up about her journey as a writer, the challenges of being a woman and a minority in a commoditized and white male hegemonic publishing industry. Oh, that’s what it is. My process was not to write a lot but to work in small increments, writing and rewriting.

These essays once again reveal bell hooks’s wide-ranging intellectual scope; if W.

Remembered Rapture: The Writer at Work – bell hooks – Google Books

No doubt, Bell Hooks is inspiring. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Sometimes this is the right book at the right time. It doesn’t matter which background you have, these essays are helpful to all women writers and artist. I actually refuse any notion of a muse and divine inspiration because I think remembbered is one of the main reasons Polish literature is not very good. I’d like to know what hooks thinks of Octavia Remembefed — a black female writer who writes explicitly and gorgeously about gender, race, and class, but does so in genre. It is writing that truly rescues, that enables us to reach the shore, to recover.

It is extremely hard to find the right balance and I keep questioning myself who I want to be as a writer. And while I believe the publishing world like any world is still very racist and sexist, she wasn’t doing the cause any favours by sounding like a total lunatic.

remembered rapture Quotes by bell hooks

Oct 26, Naima rated it really liked it. Since my interests hoosk broad and wide-ranging, I am not surprised that there is an endless flow of ideas in my mind. In actuality, it was a collection of twenty-two essays in which six were reprinted. Remembered Rapture celebrates literacy, the joys of reading and writing, and the lasting power of the book. These essays inspire, provoke, and awaken the creative woman.


Feb 20, Terre marked it as to-read. Her point about how black female writers historically have often died young, and therefore cannot afford the niceties of waiting to write the family memoir until their parents are dead, though, that struck me. This is a book on the process and craft of writing and only kinda sorta cultural critique.


Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. When the reviewers say her work is repetitive, it is NOT because it has already been published somewhere else! Some good stuff here too on the spirituality of w I am a white, cis-gender heterosexual male.

Kari rated it liked it Dec 17, Account Options Sign in. I had never thought about this that way but I realise that for once bell hooks might be onto something. But it is good to read across the diverse spectrum of genres that exist in the world, even if they are highly academ I love reading books about the craft of writing. Interesting and easy to read, although there is some redundancy.

People praise bel hooks for the accessibility of the language that she uses, and that’s true–but this book is dense.

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