Bedini Monopole 3 Group Experiment – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on. John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,, This system charges lead acid or gel cell. Bedini Monopole SSG – [5] Spool; 3” wide, ” internal, 3” flange. Bifilar Coil, turns (Longer coil = slower recharge between magnet pulse.

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Lighting Watt array of bulbs.

Lots to describe, too much so i made another video. In that scenario, the score turned out: You now have the reports from Harlan, Roamer, me and others.

Both are running a separate ciruit with own 2n transistors. Again, John, that is a heck of a nice motor! The following are excerpts taken from posts made by John and Peter to the Bedini SG discussion list http: Still have to really learn how to best tune omnopole trigger resistance properly. Just a note to anyone using fiberglass resin and hardener on their model.

Just one strip of fiberglass doesn’t seem to have added too much weight to the rim.

I used hot melt glue and fiber glass resin and hardener to create a remarkably strong bond. Would also like to set up a proper battery switching system as it is not convienent to be around to monitor primary battery. Much love and admiration, –The CW. Different batteries behave differently with different charger configurations.

The source battery and the secondary battery being charged are NEVER directly connected to each other. I suspect you would get the same basic waveform if you drove it with a signal generator at same duty cycle and frequency rate without the rotor.

One lead acid gel-cell 12 volts, milliamps is being utilized as the primary source fully charged at Lead acid battery not sealed battery I don’t want to spend a bunch of money only to have an unworking project that I learned nothing from. The timing wheel is the most important part of the device. The more magnets you get around the wheel the better the collection process will be.


For the coil, just use an old solder roll or a bobbin you get wire on, cut and fill the center hole with. Why did I write this? I originally posted on here a month ago or so, asking for some general advice and where to get started. Heres a up close look at one of my coils. To over come this I broke the machine into three patents, which cost my company three times the amount. Do we all get it now? This makes your mechanical inductive coupled oscillator no big deal. The batteries are discharged to 10 monople for the test purposes.

Have done very little to document my progress in building a monopole energizer so here are some really poor quality pics to look at. TheDude’s – SSG pulsed radiant light at modvid.

I did a pretty rough job of layering on a strip of fiberglass on top of the magnets and I made sure to completely coat the entire rim with resin and hardener. Radiant Oscillator with Bedini monopole circuit modvid. Nature does not care what the coil looks like.

John Bedini Monopole Generators

Here i’ve hooked monoole the coil from Imhotep’s Radiant Oscillator to the power coil connection one of the bedini circuits.

I am very happy I got into it, I learned a lot already in a very short time and especially in a field I was totally ignorant in. Once I figured out by trial and error, how to solder up the John Bedini Circuit, I made drawings for easy visualizing of the different soldering joints and component arrangements. I suppose now I have no choice but to buy the book. Since changing the transistors i’ve noticed a multiple pulse occuring in both coils, some times three.


What effect do each of these elements on the system? The iron rods are ground on the ends as to deflect the magnetic fields, same as the coil pole piece, angles. Sincerely, Peter Lindemann … Their is one thing we should get straight right now, the dimensions of the coil are not important. When i disconnect a lead in the series of bulbs one or more bulbs continues to light!

Here is a really good discussion as well as ,onopole examples of people using a capacitive discharge, as well as why you might want to use one in your monopole replication. In short, do not change anything until you have something working!!!! The resistance of the coil is not important, the windings are not important, the magnets are not important.

John Bedini Monopole Generators :: Nikola TESLA 3 generations later

All, First let me say that Peter and Aaron have my blessing on the beginners SG book as this explains everything that you must know about the SG. John sometimes mentions a ‘Scalar’ North pole, which occurs when two north poles are pressed together — This does not seem to be present in the SSG, unless the north pole of the inductor electromagnet is facing the north pole of the rotor magnet and is pulsed accordingly as well.

This is my first shot of my dual monopole energizer. Personally i can moonopole following hints on Bedini machine: EMF pulse when you disconnect battery. Just a place for some project images and comments.

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