Three months of bitter air-ground-sea action in the Solomon Islands had resulted Two battleships, under Rear Adm. Hiroaki Abe, headed for Guadalcanal with. The Japanese sent another battleship, the Kirishima, accompanied by that Halsey had to fight in a surface action were two warships at sea. cruiser/destroyer action on the night of. November, the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and the battleship action on the night of November, the.

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In the resulting battle, both sides lost sction warships in two extremely destructive surface engagements at night. During Phase 1 radar train was used. The First Offensivepp. Most historians appear to agree that Abe’s decision to retreat represented a strategic victory for the United States.

Taylor radioed his situation to Lee.

The midnight collision saw destroyers and battleships trade salvos at point-blank range. Almost blind and unable to effectively fire her main and secondary armament, South Dakota was illuminated by searchlights and targeted by gunfire and torpedoes by most of the ships of the Japanese force, including Kirishimabeginning around midnight on 15 November.

Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal: Turning Point in the Pacific War | HistoryNet

The absence of this gear gave all hands a feeling of being blindfolded. Kondo flew his flag in the cruiser Atago. The United States reported sinking one battleship, five cruisers and five destroyers in exchange for two light cruisers and six destroyers. This ship’s gunnery appeared highly effective. In contrast, the U. Three months of bitter air-ground-sea action in the Solomon Islands had guadalcanap in a stalemate.

Several ships on both sides spontaneously began firing, and the formations of the two adversaries quickly disintegrated. Admiral Kondo was not reprimanded or reassigned but instead was left in command of one of the large ship fleets based at Truk. Yamamoto and his staff looked at the mounting toll of ships and men and recommended the unthinkable to the emperor—withdrawal from Guadalcanal. Washington watched all this as the quarter moon vanished, leaving behind darkness.


Because of the threat posed by CAF aircraft based at Henderson Field, the Japanese were unable to use large, slow transport ships to deliver troops and supplies to the island. Damage control crews, including a year-old sailor named Calvin Graham—he had falsified his age to join the Navy—quelled the blaze. GuadalcanalSolomon Islands. Their troops on Guadalcanal, the island prize of the campaign, were exhausted.

They did not know the Americans had battleships. However, SendaiUranamiand Shikinami were undamaged and circled out of the guadalcnal area. On 12 December, the Japanese Navy proposed that Guadalcanal be abandoned.

Uehlinger, was surrounded by fires in Battle II, the alternate conning tower. Halsey to halt yet another major effort by the Japanese to bombard Henderson Field and land more reinforcements on Guadalcanal it was a last-ditch effort for the Japanese too. Washington had not been able to track South Dakota ‘ s movements because she was in a blind spot in Washington ‘ s radar and Lee could not raise her on the radio to confirm her position.

We thank Lee for his sturdy effort last night. That evening, three battleshpi arrived to shepherd the big ships home.

The American destroyers lacked Guadalcannal radar, night training and cohesion. The action was illuminated in brief, blinding flashes by Jap searchlights which were shot out as soon as they were turned on, by muzzle flashes from big guns, by fantastic streams of tracers, and by huge orange-colored explosions as two Jap destroyers and one of our destroyers blew up South Dakota was facing 14 ships scattered across a mile box on a dark night, amid spurious reports of enemy batteries on Savo and motor torpedo boats.


Ed Schanze set a base course of 0 degrees true, straight north.

At the last minute Davis intervened. Navy was thereafter able to resupply the U. They seemed to float slowly toward us, picking up speed as they came, becoming bright acttion as they drew closer. The first Japanese attempt to recapture Henderson Field failed when a man force was defeated on 21 August in the Battle of the Tenaru. The maneuvers were watched by shipwrecked Walke and Guadalcaal sailors, still awaiting rescue. But whatever it is we are going into, I hope to bring all of you back alive.

Stoodley was immediately given a damage control party to command. Washington found Ayanami and shelled her. But South Dakota got most of the credit for the outcome of the battle.

Berman, aboard Washingtonguadakcanal Walke get hit.

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Star shell illumination was used on this phase after about the second salvo, 62 rounds being fired. At noon on November 17, general quarters sounded for entering Noumea and Washington moored at 2: During their approach to Guadalcanal, the Japanese force passed through a large and intense rain squall which, along with a complex formation plus some confusing orders from Abe, split the formation into several groups.

Preston was heavily hit in the two firerooms, killing everyone there. Edwin Hooper, he sat up many nights discussing gunnery problems, taking a mathematical approach.

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