Fused Cast AZS block is also called electro Zircon corundum block, which is abbreviated as AZS because it contains Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2. Alumina-zirconia-silica (AZS) fused-cast refractories began to increase in popularity in glass furnace applications for the glass contact and. fused Cast AZS refractories are the most widely used materials both in glass contact and superstructure of glass melting products are made of.

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The refractory composition may be formed directly on the wear portion without the replacement of refractory blocks in a glass melting furnace. Brass scrap is collected and transported to the foundry where it is melted in the furnace and recast into billets. Brass furnaces are refractory lined vessels shaped as containers for melting brass. This research was conducted to develop new formulations of AZS refractories with different amounts of ZrO 2 with the purpose of improving the characteristics, properties and the work conditions in the glass melting furnaces and, at the same time, lower the costs this type of refractories.

Development of AZS refractories for the glass industry|INIS

This product is only available for straight brick. The product is the key materials of glass and glass products kiln, in accordance with the casting method, can be divided into ordinary PTtilt QXZWS quasi shrinkage hole, shrinkage hole WSaccording to the chemical composition of products, can be divided into: Besides glass furnaces, the refractory composition may be used in brass, copper, and bronze furnaces. Cullet is crushed glass from the manufacturing process. The alumina, zirconia, and silica provide strength and corrosion resistance.

A refractory composition includes aza first set of components and a colloidal silica binder. The wear spots typically grow until the refractory fails to hold the molten glass. It is the most widely used in the products of glass furnace, the upper part of the structure is mainly applicable to the molten pool, pool wall brick and tile work pool, material etc.

The refractory composition of claim 1 wherein the first set of components comprises alumina particles with an average particle size greater than 1 mm. Fused cast AZS36 brick due to the increase in chain like zirconia more crystals, and glass phase content is relatively low, so the 36 fused zirconia corundum brick corrosion resistance has been further enhanced.


Instead, the first set of components includes particles selected from alumina, zircon, silica, mullite, and the like. Year of fee payment: Batch materials include sand silicalime limestone or calcium carbonate reduced to calcium monoxidesoda ash sodium monoxideand sometimes other materials such as feldspar, salt cake, and metal oxides.

The refractory blocks can become deeply scored and may develop wear spots or portions where the molten glass has eroded or dissolved the refractory. After the test, the samples were cooled and analyzed to determine the resistance of the refractory composition to the harsh conditions.

In contrast, the present composition preferably does not include fused AZS particles. Ceramic powder compositions and optoelectronic device substrates utilizing the same. In one embodiment, the colloidal silica may have an average particle diameter in the range of about 4 nm through about nm.

The first set of components includes alumina and zirconia. The furnace was operated for a period of time and the composition was found to perform well throughout the furnace.

High temperature resistant, highly loadable, fine ceramic, sintered construction material, process for its production, and a component made of a ceramic material. More particularly, this invention relates to colloidal silica refractories for the lining of refractlry, such as glass and brass furnaces.

Montreal, Canadaand other conventional suppliers. A composition prepared according to Example 1 was applied in a brass furnace. Thus, the colloidal silica refractories disclosed herein show superior resistance under harsh conditions compared to a revractory art refractory.

Hollow piece for producing a sintered refractory product exhibiting improved bubbling behaviour.

Properties and applications of fused cast AZS

The silica may be provided by fumed silica, mullite aluminum silicatemicrosilica, colloidal silica, or the like. The refractory composition has been found to provide excellent corrosion resistance. Call to order AZS Bricks, Zirconia Bricks, Zircon Mullite Bricks, and other refractory bricks, and our fast, responsive customer service and reliable delivery service will save you time and money!


The foregoing and other features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description of the presently preferred embodiments, when read in conjunction with the accompanying examples. Commercial AZS alumina-zirconia-silica refractories are a good alternative refrctory refractory materials for the glass industry’ because they can support the aggressive conditions during liquid processing of glass.

Tell regractory your needs as specific as az. Molten glass is highly corrosive.

Fused Cast AZS Refractories

Reference Number Reference Number. The refractory composition of claim 1 wherein the refractory composition is formed on at least one wear portion of a refractofy furnace. Typical applications are superstructures, skew blocks, wall bricks and upper-checker in regenerators, paving, sub-paving, and forehearth blocks in float glass furnaces.

The present invention provides a colloidal silica refractory composition that is especially useful for glass melting furnaces. Zirconia Corundum Brick ZA The colloidal silica refractory provides surprisingly good resistance to high temperature corrosive environments. The alumina may be reactive or calcined. The AZS refractory blocks are made from molten refractorry cast into molds, which are machined after hardening.

Refractoriness under Load T0. Glass may be constructed of separate refractory brick or blocks within a frame. A method of preparing a refractory, comprising: However, the description and illustrations are by way of example only.

Cold Crushing Strength MPa. For illustration purposes and not as a limitation, Table 1 provides exemplary types and proportions of first set of components for the colloidal silica refractory system. During the melting operation, the cullet melts first to increase the heat transfer to the batch materials and to reduce the melting time. So suitable for glass liquid velocity faster or high temperature region. Preparation and properties of glass-ceramics from kaolin clay refining waste Kira and paper sludge ash.

After the test, the samples were analyzed to determine the resistance of the refractory composition to the harsh conditions.

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