Alternatively, we can ship your order with the following documents (in German) ” Ausfuhr- und Abnehmerbescheinigung für Umsatzsteuerzwecke bei Ausfuhren. Is it the “Ausfuhr- und Abnehmerbescheinigung für Umsatzsteuerzwecke”? If so, can I just download it, print it, and ask the garage to fill it?. In order to do so, the retailer provided me with a green form (“Ausfuhr- und Abnehmerbescheinigung für Umsatzsteuerzwecke beim Asufuhren.

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Some are willing to send the refund to a Swiss bank account. This user would like to thank bytheseaside for this useful post: Jan 22, 07, 7: I’m pretty sure she will get the taxes off at the shop if she shows the “Ausfuhrpapiere” – which she will certainly get at any customs office.

Tax-free shopping Abnehmerbecheinigung a non-EU resident visiting Germany you are exempted from sales tax when shopping in this country. Thanks for the replies, I will try, but the people there seemed quite clueless. The export of items in your carry-on baggage will be confirmed in London.

Umsatzsteuerwzecke think technically, that you’re supposed to only take items that cross the chf threshold over manned border crossings, but I’m not sure what to make of the crossing with the ferry.

If you are travelling by air you must have any hold baggage items confirmed by abnehmerrbescheinigung customs office at your first airport of departure before you check them in at the check-in desk. The crossed-out rates correspond to the manufacturer’s RRP.

And do I just show these at the airport VAT return? It is best to take some extra time for abnehmegbescheinigung of this, as finding a customs officer may not be that easy.


If, say, the German border crossing was unmanned at the time you crossed, you can send the forms to the nearest German consulate or embassy in CH for stamping. To refund the VAT, we need the original document duly signed and stamped by the customs authorities. Thank you all for your feedback! I wasn’t sure if in doing this I would get slapped with some form of Import Tax when the items cross the border. I would presume it to be the same in Germany. Posting Rules You may not post new threads.

User instructions On the following pages you can find information on technical issues such as browser compatibility or downloading files, as well as hints on how to use the forms and regulations.

Here, your nationality is irrelevant – what matters is your place of residence only. Your personal travel luggage includes those objects that you have with you on crossing a border, for example hand luggage or the objects in a vehicle abnehmerbescheinigunt by you as well as the luggage checked in connection with your travel. Abnehmerbescgeinigung do I do now? It lists the opening hours of German customs posts along the Swiss frontier. Jan 22, 07, 4: Claiming back VAT on purchases in the EU is generally a great selling point for retailers, but in practice I have found it rarely works.

Therefore goods must be presented. Usually he does that by crediting the credit card you used for the purchase. Most companies in my experience accept this umsatzsteuerzsecke lieu of the official export form. They referred me to the attached document in German for more information: In case of certain exceptions, the export certification can be issued by an official body of the Federal Republic of Germany abroad, for example an embassy in part C of the form instead of a German frontier customs office.


OT: How to get VAT return in Germany? – FlyerTalk Forums

In case I need it, where do I get it? If he doesn’t have the required passport, you need to go to the german consulate in china and get a certification from them by showing your docs.

This could be a hassle after Switzerland joins Schengen. Problem is that you have to ‘export’ the purchases and document it with a stamp from customs, but to receive the VAT, you’ll have to reenter the country e.

OT: How to get VAT return in Germany?

The time now is Can I still get this green form signed somewhere retroactively? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you own a company with a valid VAT number having its seat within the European Union but outside Germany and wish to purchase goods or services in our shop, you don’t have to pay the German VAT. The time now is Originally Posted by derpelikan.

I can therefore not claim the German VAT back, which makes the whole purchase much more expensive. In part A of the form, the seller gives information on the transaction.

Find More Posts by FlyingStefan. Originally Posted by oliver Exceptions to the tax exemption in travel:.

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