I asked in the prior update what you’d like to see next for Aquelarre, and the result was a virtual dead-heat between Asturies Medievalia (setting), Ars Malefica. I asked in the prior update what you’d like to see next for Aquelarre, and the result was a virtual dead-heat between Asturies Medievalia. Gonzalo Peláez (died March ) was the ruler of the Asturias from to , during the .. Asturiensia medievalia, 2()– Reilly, Bernard F. The.

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El martillo cae una y otra vez sobre el metal al rojo en medevalia taller del herrero. Speaking of the new Talislanta game, the project is in its final days, and it has some pretty cool creatures too! The good progress continues! Adventures are always welcome but not all at once. Bartonn The first being that someone from Nocturnal is here and we’re not ignoring this Kickstarter.

Of course, I’d love to have your support for the new project as well. Decameron is also a great adventure module and includes a good short campaign as well. Posted Jun 14, The world in which the adventures of Aquelarre take place is that of the peninsular kingdoms of the 14th and 15th centuries, two centuries in which various conflicts and events of great portent take place; and for their inhabitants, a time in which war is a daily reality, Hunger comes in the form of drought for the fields, disease appears in the form of the Black Plague, and Death is a dinner guest in every house.

Hop back to the prior update for the link to this DB. As an outside deadline, you’ll absolutely have a digital version of the game prior to GenCon in August. Available now in your backer-only Dropbox is Chapter Eleven, which describes the setting of Aquelarre: Posted Apr 26, In May he was referred to as regnante Asturias ruling Asturias and Asturias presidente presiding in Asturiasbut his most common designation after at least was potestas in Asturias the power in Asturias.


This prior update has a link to Dropbox.

So, What Do You Want Next?

Our every intention is to fulfill the outstanding Kickstarters, but our plans to do so might astures some re-calibration before we proceed. Yes, this means you have more to come soon.

We’re drawing very close on the text. I’m not flagging this update as backer-only so that other pre-order supporters of Aquelarre can find information here. It has some pagan and some celtic stuff. Sou cliente da Planeton medievlaia e sempre fui muito bem tratado. But ideally, adventures, adventures, adventures. In light of his unusual position, Gonzalo was referred to in various ways in contemporary documents.

The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition. Phil Brucato did the development work on this edition and he’s borne the heavy weight of Mage for some time now, but as the game’s original designer at White Wolf, it’s fun to see Nosolorol putting such a huge effort into THEIR translation! It just strikes me as something that would appeal to future Aquelarre players.

The good progress continues! Flores de fragante olor se abren en los jardines privados de la corte. Ols Jonas Petter Olsson Superbacker.

The link to the folder is in this prior backer-only update so this update can be seen by anyone who’s interested in our progress. He is not, however, cited as tenente holding Luna in any surviving documents, and the king may not have fulfilled his part of the accord, though the Chronica says that he ordered Luna turned over to him “in order to avoid any further rebellion.


Aquelarre (3rd Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

Ars Malefica followed by Bestiarium, followed by Asturias settings book followed by adventures. Rather than appoint a count afterAlfonso preferred to appoint a castellan whose function would be primarily military, with other administrative functions left to Bishop Pelagius of Oviedo.

Highest first Product Name: In Alfonso went to Oviedo and demanded the surrender of the castles. This — and bear with me, because they are strange words — has medievallia Cabell and I to discuss what’s next for Aquelarre! I want to play right away! That means, shortly following your receipt of your rewards for this mmedievalia, we’ll be ready to bring a second Aquelarre project to Kickstarter, mwdievalia I don’t want to do again without the translated text already in hand.

Books by Ricard Ibáñez

Views Read Edit View history. When Gonzalo realised how many of his knights had been captured he negotiated a xsturies truce a “mutual covenant of peace” in the words of the Chronica.

Share this project Done. I can’t imagine how hard it’s been on everyone I can only speak for myselfbut now comes the point where we have to push forward, past the pain, sorrow, and confusion, and this update is the first step down that road.

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