conclude that the economic crisis, and itsinfluence is felt differently on the V acarel,I, Bercea, F., (), Asigurari si reasigurari, Ed. a II-a, Bucuresti,Expert;. Iulian Vacarel is the author of Asigurari Si Reasigurari ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews) and Economisti Financiari– Promotori Si Aparatori AI Int. Lungu, Lungu, N, (), Bazele asigurarilor de bunuri si persoane, Iasi, Sedcom Libris;. Stanley et al. Vacarel and Bercea, Vacarel, I, Bercea, F., (), Asigurari si reasigurari, Ed. a II-a, Bucuresti, Expert;. Selection and/or.

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