ASHRAE Guideline ▫ TPS, Sections , and Annexes are part of the mandatory requirements to. “state” that you are complying with. Guideline . This technical guideline was put together by technical committees at ASHRAE. construction are defined by ASHRAE Guideline shown as follows. Re- Commissioning Process:“An application of the. Commissioning.

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Organizational responsibilities include preparation of agendas, attendance lists, arrangements for facilities, and timely notification to participants for each Commissioning Process activity. This guideline describes the Commissioning Process; the responsibilities of Commissioning Team participants; the role of the Commissioning Authority; and a model framework for developing a Commissioning Plan, specifications, and reports.

The objective is to use the same format for all Commissioning Process guidelines.

ASHRAE Guideline —The Commissioning Process_图文_百度文库

The Contractor submits copies of all 0-20055 materials and edited videotapes of the sessions. List of Commissioning Team members. Improved ability to provide accurate information to occupants on facility operation and maintenance. It is the primary tool for benchmarking success and quality at all phases of the project delivery and throughout the life of the facility.

Commissioning Essentials

List of training items to be accomplished during the first year of operation. Develop needs for tests and tests that need to be performed.

An entity identified by the Owner who leads, plans, schedules, and coordinates the commissioning team to implement the Commissioning Process. The Continuous Commissioning Process is shown in the flow chart as ongoing tasks during the Occupancy and Operations Phase after the last acceptance block.


This gyideline will be for the purpose of reviewing the complete Commissioning Process and establishing tentative schedules for the Design Phase and Construction Phase commissioning activities.

The Commissioning Process budget should be realistic, distributed by phase, activity, and entity Owner, Commissioning Authority, design professional, and contractorsand not subject to reduction without an express change in the Commissioning Plan.

Attend the pre-bid and pre-construction meetings as scheduled by the Commissioning Authority. Include description of diagnostic steps taken guidelije determine the root cause of the issue and the value of resolving the Commissioning Process issue for the owner, design team, contractor, or occupant. Green building concepts — This guidrline an optional section for owners who wish to focus upon the sustainability aspects of their building.

Commissioning Essentials

If separate Commissioning Plans are used, then care must be taken to inform those that are involved in only a portion of the process of the previous material. The Contractor develops the training program, including identifying the trainer, the schedule of sessions, and the material to be developed.

Commissioning Process activities should be integrated into the construction schedule. List of coordination requirements and items provided by others. Experienced in quality processes. In addition, the specific roles and responsibilities of the contractors relative to the Commissioning Process activities are reviewed. Include Commissioning Process requirements and activities in all contractors’ contracts. The Contractor then develops the training material and submits it to the Owner, Commissioning Authority, and design professionals for review and comment XX days prior to the first training session.


Benefits to the Contractor Potential benefits include: Continuously maintain the Record Drawings and submit as detailed in the Contract Documents. It also describes the general requirements for a training program for continued successful system and assembly performance. The structure provided is intended to encompass the facility requirements and enable the addition of sections depending upon the systems and assemblies to be constructed.

Improved planning and coordination through the implementation of the Commissioning Plan. Add this entity to the Commissioning Team where appropriate.

In addition, as giideline Basis of Design information should be included in the Contract Documents as possible. The Commissioning Authority randomly quizzes the trainees two weeks after the completion of a session. List of items to focus upon during the design reviews. Recommend acceptance of the individual systems and assemblies to the owner in accord with the defined project requirements. The Owner reviews the modified documents and accepts.

The proposer is free to suggest changes and improvements to this process.

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