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Australian New Zealand Standard AS / NZS Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum – Field Pressure Testing – Western Australia. AS – , Field Pressure Testing, Revision committed formed, Expected AS – , Safety Management Studies, With. AS/NZS Accessed by CITIC PACIFIC MINING PTY LTD on 03 Dec AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard?.

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The report shall include all necessary calculations.


Zero added volume at kPa arises from the calculations in Paragraph F3. All visible leaks are to be repaired.

Other Column 2 pressures may be used provided corresponding values in Column 7 are used. If, however, the strength test is carried out well beyond the minimum requirement, a lower level of accuracy is sufficient since uncertainty in the reading is of no consequence.

L Calculated pressure loss due to ass leak The leak test pressure.

A more accurate prediction is possible if the more complex Fanno line approach? If the elevation difference is ignored and the biaxial case is considered, the minimum pressure p min.

G-frame, compressive end plates, on line pipe? A detailed plot of pressure in the test section against volume added to the test section is made. Although possible, it is generally ss to pre-sort a production run of pipe according to mill test and material test strengths in order to place the higher strength pipe at lower elevations. The temperature of the fill water and the water added during pressurization should be measured and recorded and used as a guide to the amount of time necessary for stabilization.

In a pressure-controlled test, a premature end-point means that the predetermined end-point pressure has not been reached. It is interesting to examine the technical basis of these factors, which directly determines the minimum pressures for hydrostatic testing. During the period of the leak test this additional heat will dissipate into the soil causing an 8285.5 decay in pressure of 36 kPa 0.

AS Pipelines-Gas and liquid petroleum – Field pressure testing_图文_百度文库

Traceable measurements of ring-expansion yield stress for each pipe based on heat testing. A strength 2885. is acceptable, if there is no loss of pressure containment integrity as evidenced by a burst, split or gasket failure, which prevents maintenance of the test section pressure.


Where there is a seasonal change in temperature, very sensitive pressure and temperature readings are essential to account for this effect. Additional advice on the investigation of a premature end-point 2885.5 given in Appendix E. It is necessary to be ass to detect leaks of L, 40 L or 20 L per 24 h against the background uncertainty of measurement of pressure and pipe wall temperature.

Precautions shall be taken to protect the equipment against adverse effects such as weather and other threats.

Column 6 represents the additional volume of water added to compress the residual air. A hold period of not less than 3 h shall be used. Sinceexperience of testing in Australia has indicated the need for clearer definition of acceptance criteria for leak testing and for clearer definition of the uncertainty of leak tests.

The test liquid shall be selected after consideration of the consequences of a rupture of the test section or escape of the liquid during the test, with regard to the effects 28885.5 an incident would have on the general public, operating and testing personnel, testing and operating equipment, and the environment.

Such pipe wall temperature-measuring devices for leak test evaluation are used to determine temperature changes on pipe walls where in ground temperatures may show diurnal changes of approximately 0. The name of the pipe 2885. and the mill test pressure. Records of each verification shall be maintained. At the time work a started, there were strong differences of technical opinion in Australia on the merits and techniques of yield testing of pipelines.

Pressures in Column 2 are absolute and the unit is kPa. The effect especially affects large diameter pipelines where the thermal mass is large and the thermal decay aa can be of the order of many days.

Serious instrument error is most likely to be the result of an error in volume measurement, since instruments for pressure measurement are easily verified against a pressure gauge or recorder and errors of the magnitude required to produce a premature end-point would be immediately apparent. B1 4 Where an unrestrained pipeline or system of pipes includes pipe of different diameters, Equation B2 becomes—? The provisions of Figure 5.


This premature end-point may result from a number of causes, and the Standard requires that a procedure be followed to investigate it. Hydrostatic with captive caps on a G frame Mill test pressure Leak test If required, pipe wall temperature measurement devices used for test evaluation shall meet the following requirements see Clause 4.

Where the section can be visually inspected, as in separate testing of a part of a pipeline, or station piping and pipe bridges, visual inspection is used and the minimum hold period is 3 h. The application of correction charts in the field is not permitted. Some researchers have suggested that a short hold period is preferable to limit the growth of defects.

This investigation shall include a hold period to detect leaks, a thorough assessment of the accuracy of the measuring equipment and the wall thickness and strength of the pipe in the test section. Where leak and strength test pressures are the same, the effect will be more noticeable due to the commencement of the leak test soon after pressurization.

Uncertainty is determined according to Clause I4. If actual exposed pipe metal temperatures are measured, then these should be used.

Assessment of thermal stability may be by a number of means, and these are discussed in Paragraph A4. Some researchers have considered the evidence of improved service performance after high level testing to be so strong that they have recommended that the traditional design and testing philosophy for pipelines that are high level tested should be revised, that is, those test factors should be applied to the minimum actual test pressure to determine MAOP.

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