Text title: Arunachala Pancharatnam with Varttika % File name % Send corrections to: [email protected] % % This text is. 20 अष्टोबर् O ocean of ambrosia, the overflowing fullness of grace! O Arunachala, supreme spirit, by [whose] series of rays the solid form of the universe is. Both the text and the commentary being in Sanskrit, this significant work has verses famed as Arunachala Pancharatnam sung in Samskrit speech through the .

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He composed mostly after hearing a tune. Maharishi explains that external renunciation is meaningless without inner renunciation.

Those who are interested in direct, simple commentaries in English may kindly order this book from Sri Ramanasramam. R Hero Member Posts: His guidance was and is now also available to all without any differentiation. That ended the rolling-stone phase of my life, as I retained this job until my retirement in January of During those two intervening years I was at the ashram almost daily, along with T.

There need not be any argument about music being a form of thought. Now shall I go on asking pancharattnam Who am ‘I’ ” as soon as a thought arises in my mind?

Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam – 7

So long as you are not disturbed by outside thoughts, dwell on its meaning. He never interfered with the management that is all. And, music is but a small part of it. I also have her Tamil Version of the same and just now Downloaded Michael James free ebook on the same which is a word by word translation in English based on Sadhu Om’s Translation in Tamil. It should have been verified by me before postingbecause of my having been out of touch with CM for the past several decades.


Vasudeva Sastry was at that time teaching me Sanskrit in the Patasala of the Arunachaleshwara Temple. If anyone interprets my statements to mean that atma-vichara is open only to external renunciates, it is unfortunate.

The following passage has been scanned from “Moments Remembered” by Shri V. Then Bhagavan asked me where I got the verse and where and when it was written by Nayana.

For people who cannot read and understand Tamil, there are a number of translations of these works, in English and other European languages too. On that day, after composing the two last stanzas, Ramana started for giripradakshina. The disciples of the topmost cadre did not have the need to have any conversations with him at all. Natesan breathed his last, his soul released from the body, merged in the feet of his Master, Sri Ramana.

His composition set to Jana Gana Mana tune is fantastic.


I am a beginner in meditation. Then why not straight away concenterte on yourself till you menge in its source.

In some rare cases he did. Later Ashtakam, Navamani Malai, Pancharatnam were composed.

On analysis it appears that there were several grades of disciples and his teaching to them was different to each one. Many of the householder devotees of Bhagwan had attained Self Realization without wearing any ochre robe. People sing it in a traditional Sankarabharanam tune without much ornamentation.


As one reads these verses one cannot but be captivated by the passion which Ramana had for Arunachala. Then the Maharshi pointedly asked me what was in my mind at that time. Natesan took up six years earlier, while in his 89th year, and now, at last, on the Night of Siva the final volume was released and his mission was accomplished.

Internet Archive Search: subject:”Arunachala Pancharatnam”

lancharatnam I am not writing anything original, but am generously taking the commentary of Lakshman Sarma [WHO] in Sanskrit verses, Tamil commentary of Sri Sadhu Om and certain other explanations given by old devotees.

The last two verses of Ashtakam were added later. I haven’t come across any record anywhere of Bhagavan ever having uttered or written the name of any raga or pann or taala.

Nochur Venkataraman says aruanchala the five verses can be termed to explain: For the past year Sri K. Many of his disciples were good composers. Let us see Bhagavan Ramana’s Sanskrit Verse 2. But in the case Kameshwari Ammal it appears that he knew that she was very keen on self realization and so gave that reply.

The price is Rs plus courier charges.

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