Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. La obra de Phelipe Guamán Poma de Ayala “Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno.” (Escrita entre y ) by Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala(Book). Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in Its activities.

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Published February 21, While on Easter Island, he made ethnological observations, which posnabsky later published as Die Osterinsel und ihre praehistorischen Monumente. At age 23 inPosnansky emigrated to South America. Signos mongoloides en algunos tipos et nicos del altiplano andino.

The most important thing in this little shrine, which we have decided to call “sanctum sanctorum”, is, in the first place, a block of posnsnsky which now is split, located in the most prominent part of the place and which until now we have called “observation block”, fig 26 Fig 26 This in its time, as is indicated by the notches still to be seen on its surface, had a superstructure on which, in our opinion, there was to be placed the block which at the present time we call the Sun Door.

It is not a new thing to study the age of archaeological monuments by astronomical means.

On its banks there exist man-made constructions which have been revealed by the enormous and final fall of the lake. Comentarios preliminares a la Esfinge indiana by Arthur Posnansky Book 8 editions published between and in Spanish and Undetermined and held by 31 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

File:Arthur Posnansky 3.jpg

In spite of this, we are convinced that the way has been opened for the study of the stone calendar and the foundations laid for the calculation of the age of Tihuanacu. The book only dealt with the idea of Atlantis in Antarctica in the first couple of chapters [ ].

Since the Guia de Tihuanacu, Islas del Sol, etc. His reputation earned him being elected President of the archaeological society and the Institute of folklore of Bolivia. The claim of a direct connection between Tiahuanaco and Atlantis is hard to accept on a number of grounds; for example, the idea of an army travelling from the west coast of South America to attack Greece in the east of the Mediterranean is not tenable.

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During his time in the Imperial and Royal Academy of Pola, he made several extensive training voyages, which took him many places, including the Easter Islands in the South Pacific Oceanas a part of his shipboard training. There are many probabilities for believing that Puma-Punku was almost completely covered by a dumping of alluvia which was swept away artyro part by very old searchings dating from much before the Conquest.

Arturo Posnansky – IMDb

This is the case although perhaps also for thousands of years they lay covered by alluvial mud which later, little by little, was washed away by the torrential rains which have for the most part revealed them. The Antarctic theory is dependent on the acceptance of a number of hotly debated fundamentals, among which are: He, after many years of study, was convinced that Tiahuanaco was the oldest civilisation on Earth [ ] dating it to around 15, BC. Which is on the point of 15, years B.

With regard to the first, or prehistoric, period of Tihuanacu, as we have decided to call it, this is much more remote and we do not have, because of the present state of science, any basis for establishing astronomical calculations; rather, we can use only a geological basis for the determination of the period in which it was built, a method which does not make it possible to express its age in figures, but only to lay down a hypothetical affirmation of a geological epoch and this also only within the limitations inherent to the present state of our knowledge in this field.

While many of his conclusions may now appear purely speculative, in fact, Rengifo thought his views would eventually be vindicated by archaeology. Published February 8, He used his expertise to become the director of a river navigation company, which was called La Empresa de Navegacao dos rios Purus e Acre. I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense.


If one wished to collect all of the ideas about the great age of the civilization of Tihuanacu with the attendant bases and proofs, one could fill a whole book.

The idea of an Antarctic civilisation was also part of another novel, A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder [ ]by the Canadian author, James De Millepublished posthumously in Versucb einer astronomischen AllersbestimmungBerlin, Dietrich Artur, He has expanded on his views in a DVD d. This is the prolongation of Lake Titicaca in the overflower.

Since we have exhausted the subject of the astronomical angles of the Second Period of Tihuanacu, it is necessary to consider the angles of the construction which is within the Kalasasaya of the Third Period. In recognition of his accomplishments, the German Government conferred on him an honorary title of Professor in Spanish German 20 English 19 Multiple languages 1.

Another of the factors which influenced human development in Tihuanacu is the climate. This is an important fact and one which leads to the conclusion that this structure which we have called the “sanctum sanctorum” was the solar observatory of the Third Period of Tihuanacu.

T iwanaku T iahuanaco is an ancient city whose remains are located over two miles above sea level near the southern end of Lake Titicaca on the Altiplano of Bolivia.

After conducting studies of naval posnandky, at the agturo of the Decade ofduring the rush of the rubber, he worked at a river transport company, for which he made numerous expeditions and explorations by the Amazon of Bolivia and Brazil.

The treasure hunters even searched beneath the immense blocks, such was the burning desire to find wealth. Posnansoy of it one posnansjy say that in every place where the culture of this continent has appeared, there can be noted a substratal Tihuanacu. Published May 31,

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