Clouds (Focus Classical Library series) by Aristophanes. Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure Clouds. by Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson. Jeffrey Henderson, noted Greek scholar, has translated into English one of Aristophanes’ greatest comedies. Offered with detailed notes and an enlightening . Jeffrey Henderson has 26 books on Goodreads with ratings. Three Plays by Aristophanes: Lysistrata/Women at the Thesmophoria/Assemblywomen by.

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The spectrum of intended readers runs from those who want a literal text arisfophanes assist with translation or to render an ancient text accurately Sommersteinthrough those who prefer a verse translation Halliwellthose who want the text of the original but with a modern flavour Penguin or Arrowsmith-Parkerto those requiring a text for theatrical production Meineck.

In Peacea rollicking attack on war-makers, the farmer-hero makes his famous trip to heaven on a dung henxerson to discuss the issues with Zeus. An out-dated and an unscientific Greek text, coupled with archaic translations that made the ancient playwrights speak with jefffrey voice of Victorian English, made these volumes impossible to use for both student and senior scholar.

Henderson has done a very great service in bringing both the the text and the antique translations of Rogers up to date.

Books by Jeffrey Henderson

arisrophanes To on Tereus, he writes “In Sophocles’ play Tereus seems to have been portrayed as an uncouth barbarian”; I would prefer the explanation that Sophokles turned Ariwtophanes into a bird, perhaps even on stage. Here we have been spoiled by Rogers with his rhyming anapests and internal echoes: This is very much a North American translation, as against Meinecke which has been criticised by some for its Anglicisms, and for the most part it gives the reader quite an accurate rendering of the Greek original.

His short essay on Birds is an excellent summary of the position adopted by Dunbar and Sommerstein, that neither is the play ironic or escapist, nor is it a concerned response to the events of the day the scandals of or the Sicilian Expedition. Smyth’s Aeschylus was perhaps the best of the lot, but Way’s EuripidesStarr’s Sophoclesand Rogers’ Aristophanes all could not be recommended for general use. Two notes on p. In the agon he does employ longer lines, but the translation, especially of the early exchanges, doesn’t catch the grandiose paratragedy of the Greek text.


I looked at two areas of the comedy where the oral delivery of the text should produce a memorable result. Reviewed by Ian C. Subscribe to receive information about forthcoming books, seasonal catalogs, and more, in newsletters tailored to your interests.

Aristophanes | The Online Books Page

While Meineck’s recent volume Aristophanes Iincluding Birds is very British, Henderson translates the text into “contemporary American verse”, both for the reader and also for the producer “speakability being the principal stylistic criterion” [10].

There was Chaos at first, and Darkness and Night, and Tartarus vasty and dismal, But the Earth was not there, nor the Sky, nor the Air, till at length in the bosom abysmal, and recent translators have fallen short of that standard. It had always been a problem with the Loeb Classical Library that many of its major authors had to be marked ” caveat lector “, and nowhere was this more true than for the Greek dramatists.

As for “speakability”, only the acid test of a production can answer that question.

But on the whole, Henderson has given the reader an excellent version of Aristophanes’ best play. Henderson announced in his first volume that he has re-edited the text for the Loeb, and he has given dlouds a sensible and mainly conservative text, avoiding daggers wherever he can.

Aritophanes, unlike most other ancient genres, will be translated differently aridtophanes on the geographic location of the translator and his audience. His nonsense books, mo …. At”Potter’s Field” is a nice try for Kerameikos, but the overtones of Judas Iscariot perhaps intrude too much. There is a rhythm of sorts and the alliteration in the second line will effect a nice delivery. The Loeb, as one would expect, is heavy on accuracy and a prosaic rendering.

This gave me pause to consider the differences between Dionysia-plays and Lenaia-plays, especially the presence of the mechane. This might lead one to conclude that two different theatres were in use in the late fifth century, and that we can answer the thorny question of the productions in But in the boundless bosom of Erebus Want to Read saving… Error rating book.


He begins with a short but comprehensive page survey of Aristophanes and Old Comedy, with an especially good section on the role of the demos and demokratia in relation to Old Comedy and some cogent thoughts 9 on the “rule of the jefrrey actors”.

Translating comedy is no easy matter, for both audience and country must be kept in mind.

Aroly BalatonGy O. Bryn Mawr Classical Review The second volume is devoted to Clouds, Waspsand Peacein that order, although the Clouds that we have is the incomplete revision of c. In his first volume reviewed in BMCR by Revermann Henderson set a high standard of text, translation, and commentary in the form of introductions and some notes, and this second volume certainly lives up to that standard, with one qualification.

Syrus Goodreads Author. Frogs by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson translator 3. I used the first volume to supplement a 3rd-year Greek course this past year reading Acharniansand found it more accurate for translation purposes than Henderson’s Focus translation or Sommerstein’s Penguin. In particular, I liked his double rendering of haidousin as “chirp” and “harp”, trochilos 79 as “roadrunner”, the alliteration of “prop of a prodigious plan” for the original premnon pragmatos peloriou”crowbar” as an avian burglar’s tool, and Peisetaerus’ threat to Iris “how an old hulk like me can stay aloft for three rammings” which continues neatly the nautical metaphor of the Iris-scene.

Lysistrata by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson 3. Refresh and try again. The Globalisation of High Technology Production: I looked also at the memorable trochaic songs of personal abuse,which should also linger in the memory.

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