Aquelarre RPG [in English]. Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*. Join. About Community. Aquelarre, the dark medieval RPG. likes · 11 talking about this. Aquelarre is a Spanish tabletop RPG in a dark medieval setting that is in its 3rd. Following the success of our Kickstarter project to fund a translation of the classic Spanish RPG Aquelarre (pre-orders still available) published.

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They add a lot of additional translation time for Lester.

Besides the legendary Mateo-Txistu listed here, the game includes nearly 60 pages of creatures, from earthly animals to angels, demons, and others. This is the piece that appears at aquelarre top of Update 2.

Examples of the brilliant artwork by Jaime Garcia Mendoza illustrate this project page.

Or it might just be difficult to maintain this pace. It’s just in Spanish. Fragrant flowers perfume private courtyard gardens.

Some of the artwork is disturbing. RF Victor 19 June at A hammer falls again and again on glowing red metal in a blacksmith shop. But beyond this human world, in the r;g shadowy depths of the woods, in the loneliest cave, in the aquelarrw obscure cell, in the dimmest chambers of the human heart, legends live.


The company responsible of this traslation will be the American “Nocturnal Media”, if all goes well, maybe the game was ready to the end of the year.

AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*

How does this work? In that, I feel like that dihonest used car salesman of the movies, just this time the car is brand new and shiny ;-D and it’s a good way of improving my poor english skills, anyway Thus, I’m mirroring the group into what looks like the new social gpg of choice for RPG followers, MEWE You can just follow the invite link http: Rg love to talk, no matter if it’s telling some anecdote or asking for help with some rules, to share new adventures or game helps.

The aquelafre system itself relies mainly on percentile rolls against either characteristic ratings or skills based on those and on character experience. The new edition of Aquelarre has absolutely stunning faux medieval art and imo would be worth buying for the art alone. We’re glad you’re involved! I found the current publisher: Well, yesterday, the spanish publisher Nosolorol announced that today Nocturnal Games is opening the kickstarter for it I’d heard rumors of translations on several occasions but I think nothing has come of it.

Spanish edition of the Brevarium. Please see Update 4 for pictures of the colors of the two dice we are printing. RPGPundit 19 October at But, hey, i’m not trying to humble all those fancy “indie” systems of the last twenty years, nor to take aside the OSRPG. Because of the fees applied to the funds that you pledge to our project via Kickstarter, it makes more sense to collect shipping charges from you after the project has ended.


Nosolorol describes this new edition of the game as “more medieval and more demonic than ever” and they are correct on both counts.

Unable to load more. Posted by RPGPundit at And translating pages of game material is a huge undertaking. My grandmother was an Errandonea! We’ll also include a PDF of the “Brevarium”.

The RPGPundit: 10th Anniversary Classic Rant: Aquelarre, and the Fucking Basques!

Rituals of faith depend upon a high Rationality instead. Originally shared by Loris Gianadda – 4 comments. This is an official notice from Nosolorol, the Spanish company which currently has Aquelarre license, you can see it here: Today, 28 years ago, Aquelarre was first published in Spanish. They’re plotting you know! Note also that these goals are primarily for additions to the full-color edition of Aquelarre.

It’s a way to bring creative projects to life.

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