Recommended Practice for. Performance Testing of. Cementing Float Equipment . API Recommended Practice 10F. Third Edition, April ANSI/API 10F/ISO. API RP 10F. April 1, Recommended Practice for Performance Testing of Cementing Float Equipment. This International Standard describes testing. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 10F at Engineering

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Concrete internals with single PVTS spring assisted back-pressure valve. Does not require landing first stage cementing plug. Needle Nose Float Shoe An aid to run casing in adverse conditions. Run in close tolerance applications mainly on liners. Resistance to wear and abrasion. Overlapping steel petals allow for cement flow-by from below, but help prevent cement from falling from above.

Spi Baskets Simple, economical annular pack-off. Reduced displacement volumes apj drill pipe versus casing. Type Float Shoes Rounded design of concrete nose assists in guiding string to bottom. Reduces risk of cement contamination. Double PVTS valve assembly for redundancy to assure cement is retained in the annulus.

Single entry port for installing shear pins. Ream Master Float Shoes. Can be run with set screws incorporated or between stop devices for rotation. Non-aggressive hard-banding applied to leading and trailing shallow-angled profiles of ribs ensure that the shoe will not make new hole. Casing hardware inclusive of: Reacts to fluid ingress sealing off developing micro annuli. After landing on the bottom sleeve, it pushes both DFC sleeves ahead of the cement to the float collar below.


Cut out of seamless pipe with a laser.

Allows for lead cement to be pumped until surface returns are seen, then tail. Same PVTS valve internal s. Suitable for most applications up to 35 degrees deviation. Also allows for immediate well control by circulating heavier fluids as needed.

Swellable rubber bonded to the external OD of the casing. After a fluid stabilization period, the casing is filled with drilling fluid. Seals providing internal and external integrity are housed in the tool body and remain stationary throughout operation of the tool. Additional applications for liners and deeper stage collar setting depths. Sleeves lock against rotation for easy drill out. Ribbed Down-Jet Float Shoe. Also available in a float collar configuration.

Additional benefits include drilled and angled down-jet ports that promote even distribution of fluid exiting the shoe. Same features as Type MC stage collar for closing, drill r;, and integrity. Drop ball-seat size is adjustable from 1.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment

Swellfix Manufacturer of Swellable Elastomers rubber that swells in the presence of water or oil. Cast Aluminum nose material standard, easily drilled out due to numerous break points jets and shorter design. Spiral ribs generate turbulence around casing for bonding of cement. Aip Float Equipment and Cementing Plugs. Fill and circulate Tool Ability to check that float equipment is functioning correctly immediately after making up into casing string.


Slip-on close tolerance Centralizers. Ability to immediately circulate casing by engaging element creates a safer working environment by eliminating the need to installa pump-in swage.

Casing Hardware Hinged non-welded Centralizers. Casing Fill and Circulate Tools. Time savings realized by filling each casing joint as it is run vs.

Safely drilled out with all bit types including PDC bits. External rubber swells and seals where cement performance has been poor. Aid for mud wash and removal of gelled mud.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment – Brochures

Can remove the need gp a cement squeeze. Davis Flotation Collar Sleeves and plug land on float collar Bottom cementing plug and sleeves land and seal on the float collar. Slip-On set screw type for premium applications when enhanced holding forces are required. Controls wellbore migration of gas and fluid.

Keeps hydrostatic head of second stage cement off of pressure sensitive zones below.

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