Time Management System OA for Beaconhouse School System in Pakistan 06/07/ MB. Costa Rica Super Mall with implementation of ANVIZ T Anviz Biometric manufactures a complete range of biometric products including fingerprint time attendance, fingerprint access control, fingerprint lock, USB. The Anviz Biometric OA is our best seller. Equipped with an ethernet port & superior USB flash memory downloading capabilities making it our advanced.

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Anviz OA Biometric Terminal | Junk Mail

You can save the records that have been treated. And then try again. After success, the interface will show below, Register la200 second finger in the same way. Display the dealt result of the original attendance records; Complete process for adding four timetables: Page 77 Please note: First, setup necessary timetables.

Background Management Management software can collect attendance records from different terminals, calculate according to shift setting and finally generate different abviz. You can add the records manually. Add up the total time and then round according to corresponding unit. With the help of fingerprint recognition attendance, it is easy to anvuz all the problems like buddy punching, card loss or stolen and password forgetting.

Add to watch list. Communication method not set correctly Select the method 2.

OA200-U Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control (ANVIZ)

If it is set as 0, there is no voice. Deletion of the shifts Select the shifts in the shifts form which you want to delete, click Delete button, and click ok on the pop up dialog box to finish the deletion.


Please refer to it. For instance, enter ID: After the system is initialized, all information will be lost; the system will get back to the state when just installed. Modify Staffer Then press your finger on the sensor scanner glass to register FP.

If not, please run setup. When you enter a wrong password, a message box pops up as follows: Staffer shift or temporary shift is incorrect. If we will revise to write down, click the right key and springs the following menu: Enter pa200 from picture: Then how to use this system in a right way? System Installation First we should install background management software on the computer. Change the selected attendance record to a new state. Following windows pops up: During real-time monitor process, when each staff passes attendance, there will pop-up the staff info at the right-down corner likes following shows, 4.

Some genres we love, some leave us indifferent and some we hate. Choose button in title menu which enable change software interface color.

ANVIZ OA Finger Print Time Machine

Back to home page Return to top. Modification of oa020 away on business or leave: After activating real time monitor, when a user makes attendance record on unit, the record will appear directly in the list of the window below. Chapter5 Background Management The main theme of this chapter is how to collect attendance records from different terminals with management software and generate different reports.

Oa020 it occurs, please deal with it in time in the software to ensure the correctness of the statistic report. The default password of new administrator is Add, delete and modify departments.


Please note the starting date of the shift. If you enter the wrong password 3 times, the software will automatically close.

At this moment you can use this function to clear these useless data. And it restarts after initialization.

Do not worry, after you read this post you will be the hostess oa20 the mostest; your guests are guaranteed to come rushing back! Choose terminals need to be set monitor. OA can control door lock for access control. Influence by fingerprint image change Enroll fingerprint again. The acquiescence database is Access Attendance Management Meanwhile, the modification will take effect and be saved. The default password of new administrator is At anvis time, either password or fingerprint can be enrolled.

OA can control door lock for access control. When the setting is completed, it naviz usually not needed to be modified unless the management rules of this company changes. Closed 15 Mar 14 Firstly set the items in export record such as export format: Direct sun light or too bright light Avoid direct sun light or other bright light 2.

After cutting down, the picture is as following, After your system is used for a long time, you will get a large number of obsolete data in the database.

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