Anthraquinone glycosides. 1. Anthraquinone Glycosides Most of agents are used as laxatives and purgatives. The anthraquinone and related glycosides are stimulant cathartic and exert their action by increasing the tone of the smooth muscle in the wall of large intestine. anthraquinone. a derivative of anthracene, a dyestuff. Its derivatives, found in aloes, cascara sagrada, senna and rhubarb, act as cathartics. See also danthron.

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Some fungal pigments have been shown to be anthraquinone derivatives, resembling the important group of vat dyes. Classification, Properties and Chemical Tests.

Anthraquinone | definition of anthraquinone by Medical dictionary

The lignin is degraded and becomes more watersoluble and thereby more easy to wash away from the pulp, while the antraquinone is regenerated. The drugs having these glycosides possess cathartic activity. Derivatives of 9,anthraquinone include many important drugs collectively called anthracenediones. These derivatives include substances that are technically useful or play important roles in living beings.

Views Read Edit View history. Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. The term anthraquinone, however, almost invariably refers to one specific isomer, 9,anthraquinone IUPAC: For example, Reactive Blue RB also known as Remazol brilliant blue is an anthraquinone based vinylsulphone dye, which is very resistant to chemical oxidation due to its anthraquinone structure being stabilized by resonance [6].

Anthraquinones Glycosides (3 Chemical Tests)

Georgia Institute of Technology: It also arises via the Rickert-Alder reactiona retro-Diels-Alder reaction. The anthraquinone glycosides are the ones whose aglycone component is a polyhydroxyanthraquinone derivative.


The ammonical layer becomes pink to red due to the presence of anthraquinones derivative. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat The term is also used in the more general sense of any compound that can be viewed as an anthraquinone with some hydrogen atoms replaced by other atoms or functional groups. Evaluation of anthraquione effectiveness of the Iralvex gel on the recurrent aphthous stomatitis management. It is then sifted to 80 mesh and packed preferably by vacuum sealing.

Different repellents such as Starlicide, Endrin and Fenthion, Avitrol, Methiocarb, methylanthranilate, and anthraquinone have been used to control the pest birds Brooks and Hussain, ; Kennedy and Connery, The clear filtrate is neutralized and concentrated by evaporation under reduced pressure to form a liquid two parts of which represent approximately one part of aloes originally used. Anthraquinone glycosides, tannin, and salicylic acid in the product react with the proteins of the epithelial cells in the mucous membranes and lead to a stronger adhesion of the mucosa and a reduction in the xnthraquinone of cells.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The free anthraquinone aglycones exhibit little therapeutic activity.

A large industrial application of anthraquinones is for the production of hydrogen peroxide.


Correlation to their in vitro cytotoxic potential”. Effects of centralized and onsite wastewater treatment on the occurrence of traditional and emerging contaminants in streams.

Retrieved 11 November Several other isomers of anthraquinone are possible, including the 1,2- 1,4- and 2,6-anthraquinones. The flakes obtained are pulverized to a fine powder.

Giving laxatives safely and effectively.

The polyhydroxyanthraquinone derivatives present in these drugs are chrysophanic acid 1, 8- dihydroxy- 3- methylanthraquinonealoe emodin 1, 8- dihydroxy methyl anthraquinoneFrangula emodin and rhein 1, 8- dihydroxy anthraquinone carboxylic acid.


It is a yellow highly crystalline solid, poorly soluble in water but soluble in hot organic solvents. The anthraquinone and related glycosides are stimulant cathartics and exert their action by increasing the tone of the smooth muscle in wall of the large intestine. The anthraquinone is reduced to 9,dihydroxyanthracene which then can react with lignin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anthraquinone molecules adsorbed onto a Cu surface assemble into a highly ordered honeycomb structure.

It is one of a family of anthraquinone laxatives which are plant-derived compounds. It is a building block of many dyes and is used in bleaching pulp for papermaking. Powdered leaves of Senna are boiled with dilute sulphuric acid.

Anthraquinone – Wikipedia

Glycosides of anthranol and anthrones, reduced derivatives of anthraquinones, also occurs in the plant materials, and they make significant contributions to anthraqiunone therapeutic action of these natural products.

Separate the organic solvent layer and add an equal volume of dilute ammonia. The pH is adjusted to 6. A model for anthraquinone ordering on Cu cathargics.

Acetone at ambient temperature is circulated through the material to remove adherent impurities of pesticides, and other acetone soluble unwanted material of no therapeutic value. Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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