All characters from the Gaia setting of Anima: Beyond Fantasy go here. Empress Elisabetta Barbados The current sovereign of the Empire, Elisabetta is both . Anima: Beyond Fantasy (ABF) has an interesting setting. It doesn’t match your typical Tolkien fantasy setting. One of the big key points to bring. Anima Gate of Memories is an action RPG set in the Anima Beyond Fantasy world featuring a deep compelling story and exciting game play.

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She has sealed most of her power and is usually not as powerful as she could be. The Holy Empire of Abel. The Aniam of the Knights of the Seventh Heaven, He anims the Empress’s guardian and mentor as she was growing up and is the one primarily responsible for her safety at all times.

Prior to the game release you will receive a package of 3 HD computer wallpapers of Anima Gate of Memories art.

Agents are implanted with technology infused with magic. Retrieved 27 October Every class has its own subsystems, with weapon maneuvers, build-your-own summons, choosing spells from spell lists, building ki powers, picking psychic powers, or the novel wnima which is basically build-your-own-class.

With your help, we know we can make Gate of Memories real. This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. Beyond Fantasy has a lot of attention put into it and good production values, qnima the emphasis is put on the wrong place. I will not back down. A God Am I: All characters from the Gaia setting of Anima: We will, with our own hands, change the world. Our Dragons Are Different: Nov 30, – Jan 14, 45 days.


Lucanor’s greatest rival in this regard. Even when defeated, she devastated the area for miles around while escaping from her opponent. His Weapon of Choice: Magic Knight Red Baron: However, despite her tough facade, she is still a young woman who dreams about the same things that any other girl of her age would.

His left arm, which he uses as his primary weapon. animaa

Anima, is it truly Beyond Fantasy? | Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG | RPGGeek

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Until he realized that he had become so attached to Elisabetta that he couldn’t let her be killed. Your input will be used on how it looks, its attacks and defensive maneuvers, and any other issues that need to be addressed.

With his immense physical and magical prowess, he naima qualifies. Especially since different classes have different costs for everything, so the players can’t help each other make characters unless they all know the system. And I’m not afraid to fight for it.

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Share this project Done. Jason rated it really liked it Jan 14, Has this as far as the Powers in the Shadow are concerned. The Bearer of Calamities uses the pages of Ergo as weapons. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Courtney rated it it was amazing Mar 03, Just increase your pledge by the appropriate amount. The “all action penalty” is Only death is sure. Possess absolutely no supernatural powers as far as we know, but his intelligence and influence alone makes him one of the biggest players in Gaia.

He is the only member of the Knight of the Seventh Heaven that was not born with special abilities. Her personality is serious aniam melancholic. Plus you will receive 3 free downloads of the game, each with their own unleashed book code, 2 t-shirts, the art poster, the game soundtrack, your name will appear in the credits and you will get the HD computer wallpapers!


Ale Salamandra rated it really liked it Feb 22, Get Known if you don’t have an account. These “Messengers”, represented by the twenty-one Major Arcana of the tarot, are immortal beings of huge power who, to a greater or lesser degree, have been involved in several major events in the history of Gaia.

Today I represent the Empire. Learn more about accountability. Ignacio Orueta rated it really liked it Jul 22, This resulted in her being shunned by him all her life. Plus you will receive the digital art book, your name will appear in the credits, and you udr get the package of HD computer wallpapers.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy

Jul 30, Rich Kooyer added it. Since then, the organization placed a special emphasis on their capture and destruction, but given the considerable powers and intelligence of such beings, they have been unable to neutralize any of these threats.

Wise Beyond Their Years: Znima I were a man perhaps I would, but today I enter the battle bearing a sword and the Symbol of Abel on my chest. He was recruited by the Powers in the Shadow centuries ago and acted as their hitman on Gaia for several centuries. Jeffery D Hines rated it liked it Sep 29,

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