Novel by Andre Gide, published in French in as Les Faux-Monnayeurs. Constructed with a greater range and scope than his previous short fiction, The. Editorial Reviews. Review. Novel by Andre Gide, published in French in as Les Faux-Monnayeurs. Constructed with a greater range and scope than his. The Counterfeiters, novel by André Gide, published in French in as Les Faux-Monnayeurs. Constructed with a greater range and scope than his previous .

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Beyond its overt treatment, there is a homoerotic subtext that runs throughout, which encompasses Olivier’s friend, Bernard, and their schoolfellows Gontran and Philippe. Oct 17, Tuck rated it really liked it.

It was — as far as I could tell — but certainly departed from the novelistic norms. It is also very homo This is subtle metafiction since one of the main characters is a writer and the nature of Gide’s The Counterfeiters is intellectual, bohemian, philosophical and of its time – for example, Freudian techniques used on a boy are exposited ahdre and discussed.

I can’t quite figure it out.

Have a little spare time? Even for its putative author, The Counterfeiters is a journey on an open road, not a map enclosed by frontiers, as we can see in this passage:.

Help us improve this article! Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. His uncle was the political economist Charles Gide. Initially tide coldly on its appearance, perhaps because of its homosexual themes and its unusual composition, The Counterfeiters has gained a reputation in the intervening years and is now generally gode one of Gide’s most important novels and counted among the Western Canon of literature.

Taking this as a welcome pretext, he runs away from home.

The setting must take place at least afterthe year in which the shipwreck of La Bourgogne occurred. Les Faux Monnayeurs is among the more interesting of recent works: Gide intended The Ahdre to take place, as much as possible, in the present tense, like a film.


Si le grain ne meurt. He is indeed a little more solemn than an author should be about the whole caboodle, but regarded as a caboodle it is excessively interesting, and repays careful study by critics. The Count seems to be an evil and corrupting force while the latter is benevolent. Other stylistic devices are also used, such as an omniscient narrator that sometimes addresses the reader directly, weighs in on the characters’ motivations or discusses alternate realities.

The Counterfeiters

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. It’s especially informative and interesting to be witness to the progress of the novel in the Appendix, which reads as Gide’s diary throughout the writing of The Counterfeiters. As the novel unfolds, many different characters and plotlines intertwine.

If we are to follow Edouard down a Parisian boulevard, then we cannot also keep our eye on Georges disappearing around a corner. Drifts from one character to the next.

In contrast to the Victorian clutter of drapes, knickknacks, pouffes, and sofas of Late Victorian sensibility and psychologizing, Gide’s novel feels airy and light, a book of springtime and summer. In The Counterfeiters I saw that the author took care with everything from the structure of counteerfeiters narrative to the word choices in individual paragraphs.

His criticism of communism caused him to lose many of his socialist friends, especially after the publication of Retour de L’U. In the inter-war that exploits this novel, we applaud a fair and exciting painting of the freedom of spirit, of creation, of artistic movement of that time when we caught our breath of a war passed and where the emotion was tending to fall back, where we were finally rebuilding, and where morals tend to be liberalized.


Want to Read saving…. The reader is involved in the tge and cares about the behavior of each of the boys. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Counterfeiters by André Gide

Even, in this edition anyway, at the hide, there is Gide’s notebook on his process of how he wrote the novel. If you could read French, though, that may be the best asset for reading this book.

I’m not sure that it always succeeds well, since this style contributes to the lack of any significant plot and an unsatisfying conclusion. Somewhere in my reading, in fact, I began assuming any male character was gay until proven otherwise. Forster offered some remarks on the book in his lecture on “People” then returned to it, speaking at considerable length, in the following week’s address, “Plot.

So much the worse for me; henceforth it is my duty to attend counterfeitesr.

The Counterfeiters | novel by Gide |

Gide weaves his theme of liberation into the form and content of his novel as well as his brand of moral relativism by making the work “Cubist” in portraying multiple points of view. Gide was the only child of Paul Gide and his wife, Juliette Rondeaux.

Lists with This Book. Dec 03, Gregg Bell rated it liked it. It is this unusual composition that I thought made it an interesting read; along with which the way Gide demonstrates ideas through his characters and their actions much like Dostoevsky and Thomas Mann. Finally, two small quibbles:

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