The Analects by Confucius, part of the Internet Classics Archive. quotes from The Analects: ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.’. One of the most influential books of all time, The Analects of Confucius collects the sayings and wisdom of the Chinese philosopher and his followers.

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Is he a noble man?

The Analects of Confucius

I have only heard these two things. Isn’t this a bit of an exaggeration? Friendship with the uplight; friendship with the sincere; and friendship with the man of much observation: For this reason, I hesitate to rewrite the text in this case, and try to think further of what Confucius meant.

Whether he has to do with many people or few, or with things great or small, he does not dare to indicate any disrespect;-is not this to maintain a dignified ease without any pride? A great minister serves his ruler by means of the Way, and if he can’t, he will quit.

Hearing much and selecting what is good and following it; seeing much and keeping it in memory: Unfortunately he died young, and there has been no one like him since then. To those who are below mediocrity, the highest subjects may not be announced.

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I know not whether he be truly virtuous, but why should he show readiness of the tongue? A superior man takes office, and performs the righteous duties belonging to it.

He would not wear a black sheepskin mantle or a black hat when paying visits of condolence. Once they are worried about losing it, there is nothing they won’t do. It may simply be said of me, that I strive to become such without satiety, and teach others without weariness.

Of the sections that survive, the Dingzhou Analects is shorter than the received Analectsimplying that the text of the Analects was still in the process of expansion when the Dingzhou Analects was entombed. When the parties upon whom a man leans are proper persons to be intimate with, he can make them his guides and masters.

If you are courteous, you will not be disrespected; if you are generous, you will gain everything. He sacrificed to the dead, as if confuxius were present.

The Analects

The Master said of the Shao that it was perfectly beautiful and also perfectly good. If you love persistence, but don’t like to study, your persistence will be distorted into rashness.

When good government prevails in his state, he is to be found in office.

If a man in selecting a residence do not fix on one where such prevail, how can he be wise? When he makes a mistake, he doesn’t hesitate to correct it.


But these are only the branches of learning, and they are left ignorant of what is essential. Don’t you confucjus so? Even after a long period of acquaintance, he would continue to treat them with respect. The state of Lu, with one change, could attain to the Way. The student, having completed his learning, should apply himself to be an officer.

It has been four generations since the government came under control of the Councilors. Now there is no one who loves to learn, as he did. The noble man practices his fairness from his place in society.

But if he cherish in himself that easy feeling, and also carry it out in his practice, is not such an easymode of procedure excessive? These were the topics which he regularly discussed. When he was passing the vacant place of the prince, his countenance appeared to change, and his legs to bend under him, and his words came as if he hardly had breath to utter them.

When he arrived, the man was gone.

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