The Survivors Series is currently out of print. But you can read the first three books in the series for free on Wattpad. Come visit. Have more questions? Fill out the. The Survivors was published on March 28, by The idea for the series came to life in June while Havard was driving. Buy The Survivors by Amanda Havard (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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The premise of this story was fascinating. Can’t wait to see how subsequent books are going to turn out! That’s definitely my kind of book! Mar 29, Keely rated it liked it. Nov 08, KP rated it it was amazing.

Looking for The Survivors? — Amanda Havard

And this world is fascinating. I’m looking forward to Point of Origin, and finding out what’s in store for Sadie and family next. There were so many different mythological creatures I had a hard time keeping everything straight on what was important to the story and what I could forget. I promptly went home to download it. The Wattapad version has some issues like too many descriptions and too many advertising.

Such descriptions are sprinkled throughout the book and it is obnoxious. It seems the author, Amanda Havard, must have done an immense thf of research into European supernatural lore.

I loved being able sudvivors travel all over the world with Sadie in amznda quest for answers. My heart broke for the thoughts he projected to Sadie even when he knew it was hopeless. There are hypocrisies that play into the world they created sex, marriage, child raising are the easiest to call outbut Havard acknowledges and even uses this as part of her story.


Another thing that felt very strange to me was the relationship development between Sadie and Cole, and then Sadie tje Everett.

The Survivors (The Survivors, #1) by Amanda Havard

The first few chapters I will admit, dragged. The story opens with the Salem witch trials in the late seventeenth century, when over two dozen children are exiled to fend for themselves or die.

He was just awesome: I think, once they get the kinks out, they have a great product on their havarf.

New to the world, her experiences in life and love are engaging. These sections were interesting and insightful. Everett a gentleman with 19th century morals and his very unique family who live survivorz humans turn out to be a form of vampire, who also have green eyes if they eat human food and red if they eat blood. I was laughing out loud.

The story drags on in this way and just when you’re beginning to wonder if anything is ever going to happen, the Winters show up and spice things up a little.

The Survivors 3 books. The premise was fantastic, the plot fell a bit short. Sadie was never content wrapped in the isolation of the world the Survivors created. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that a lot of this is established vampire lore somewhere.

But this book was not a story. You’re probably going to hear this sentence a lot in other reviews of this book, but havsrd very true–the protagonist is so relatable. This is going to be a series and it has potential. Depressed, depressing, and making everything out to be her own fault.

Looking for The Survivors?

We only amadna some of his background in this book, srvivors the way he treats Sadie is so terrible. An entire night with Cole took place within two pages, and a couple minutes getting ready to go out took one page to itself. Sadie was a fascinating character.

Since I pride myself on being honest in reviews I will do just that by saying, I do not like this cover. It’s so simple, yet so magical! Her family are survivors of the Salem Witch Trials that were exiled instead of executed who happened to survive due to supernatural abilities. I began this book with a certain mindset, thinking it would be more about the witch trials of Salem; however, the book only haavard this era briefly, shootin The Survivors by Amanda Havard was one of those books for which I had to force myself to keep going, to ignore survivots little annoyances, and hope with my fingers crossed that it would get better.


I think this author likes to tease her readers. Havadd words made this book a must read for me. They try super-duper hard not to hunt humans, and when they do they go for bad guys and criminals. Guest Blog by Amanda HavardJune 18, He was immortal too.

I was fond of supernatural creatures with human emotions and human thoughts like Sadie. Sadie and family have mysterious roots.

The biggest problem I have is that I am not sure how all these enhancements translate to a device like a Kindle or Nook. It was one of the things that really survivor me.

The Survivors

In The Survivorsreaders follow a dark protagonist, Sadie Matthau, on her quest for answers about her supernatural family and, essentially, immortality. There are twists and surprises all the time. The Survivors is the first installment of the tantalizing tales of the fourteen ill-fated Survivors and their descendants, who have been content in hiding for over three centuries.

Remind me a bit of Hzvard Village movie but a lot better.

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