A article by Amadeo Bordiga on the role which Germany played in the two world wars and which the author expected it to play in a future communist. Writings of Amadeo Bordiga on this server (Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Russian). [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] . Media in category “Amadeo Bordiga”. The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Amadeo 1, × 1,; KB.

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This convergence was the result of our shared opinion on the historical course of the parties of the Second Socialist International, which came to harbour — as we used to say — two souls: This is demonstrated by the fact that the Italian Socialist Party had refused to go down the sole strategic path that — ever since Lenin, having returned to Russia, articulated his classical theses in Amaxeo of — fulfilled the doctrinarian predictions and historical aims of revolutionary Marxism.

After the war ended with the victory at Vittorio Veneto, which brought much glory but few lasting effects, the whole country versed in the state of malaise and economic crisis that — as even the most moderate socialists are wont to claim — afflicts the working classes zmadeo times of peace between the bourgeois nations, but is made even worse by the effects of war: Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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Quotes by Amadeo Bordiga. Collection of the translated writings of Amadeo Bordiga. Bordiga had a completely different view of the party from the Comintern, which was adapting to the revolutionary ebb which was announced in by the Anglo-Russian trade agreementthe Kronstadt rebellionthe implementation of the New Economic Policythe banning of factions and the defeat of the March Action in Germany.

Bordigism Communization Council communism Situationist International. Such an abyss has since then been fallen into that the “apparent” sections, depending on the Russian leader- party, are carrying out, in the ephemeral sense, a vulgar policy of collaboration with the bourgeoisie, no better than the traditional one of the corrupted parties of the IInd International.

Were the amadel not willing and ready to fight? Down with the Bourgeois Republic! Bordiga also spoke to journalists Sergio Zavoli and Edek Osser for a filmed interviewexcerpts of which were included in a documentary on the rise of Fascism. But rather another, much broader one, which was later vindicated by the course of history: Did you still believe in the possibility of revolution?


At the Congress of Imola, then, it had already been decided that — had we lost the vote — all of the communists already belonging to the faction would have abandoned both the Congress and the Socialist Party, and proceeded without hesitation to found the new Communist Party, section of the Third International.

The text of the interview amaedo originally published bofdiga Storia Contemporanea no. Lenin prevailed and the International ordered that the Italian Socialist Party contest the election.

Against anti-fascism: Amadeo Bordiga’s last interview | Overland literary journal

Concerning the relationship between Antonio Gramsci and his friend Piero Gobetti, editor of Rivoluzione LiberaleI can tell you that I talked to Gramsci about this once. Translated by Giovanni Tiso. Vittorio Ambrosini, who in was in Germany, offered you to become the leader of the movement and launch the armed struggle.

August 19, at 2: Bordiga regarded this as a reversion to the failed tactics which the pre-war social democrats had adopted and which had led to them becoming reformist. Why was this decision not enacted? The introduction to the pamphlet and all the referenced texts can be found in the Bordiga section of libcom.

Amadeo Bordiga

Every member who turned out not to have voted either for the line of the Executive or the Left the latter of which had been clearly formulated in articles and resolutions in the Party organ, Stato Operaiothroughoutalthough by my initiative we had dissolved the Entente Committee, which was formed by a group of well-known leaders of the Left current, and immediately charged by the Executive with the unjust accusation of attempting to fracture and split the party — all those members, I say, who did not formulate any opinion or decision, should not have been included in the vote for the congress, but were added instead, by express deliberation of the Executive, as having voted in support of its own conduct and programme.

That was the true and fateful moment in which to rebuild the proletarian and socialist movement, restoring the true doctrinarian foundations of its programme and strategy.


These made the ground shake under the feet of the bourgeois, but did not by themselves create in the proletariat the capacity to plan objectively for armed struggle and the advent of their dictatorship. Were you also persuaded that this was the road to revolution? This article needs additional citations for verification. Thus, we made sure that even the remotest centres would receive the official order to strike, by mobilising our party and union network and throwing our full support behind the movement.

Gramsci and I, together, believed that this contradiction could only be resolved by separating the old militants into two distinct organised movements.

In that moment, with Fascism on the verge of seizing power, was the weapon of the strike still adequate to the situation? One of the delegates, Roberto, gave a heartfelt farewell to the comrades we were about to leave and wished that we may be reunited soon, for the reasons cited in your question.

Want to Read saving… Error rating book. To this, he counterposed the dictatorship of the proletariat, to be implemented by the communist party, based on the principles and program enunciated in The Communist Manifesto This historical formula, which I have always regarded as arrant nonsense, was articulated in this rather inelegant phrase: This network, whose central and regional addresses were kept secret strictly secret, was also charged with the encoded communications with both national and international communists centres, and with safeguarding the secrecy of the cable codes as well as of all the addresses — again both in Italy and abroad.

Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. April Learn how and when nordiga remove this template message. In what ways did your positions diverged at this time? In common with most socialists in Latin countriesBordiga campaigned against Freemasonrywhich he identified as a non- secular group. Amadeo Bordiga 13 June — 23 July was an Italian Marxista contributor to communist theory, the founder of the Communist Party of Italya leader of the Communist Gordiga and later a leading figure of the International Communist Party.

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