Played the first edition of the game (Operation Overlord). Perfectly decent set of rules – I think the way the game uses the order cards with. The second expansion adds a new level of realism, with its tables of different gun calibres, plus new rules enabling you to deploy entire platoons of armoured. Was talking to my local hobbyshop owner about a little label that appears on some 1/72 WW2 figures packaging. A rules set similar to FOW but.

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I believe the 2nd edition is available online. Peoples who bring to us Wings of War and many other boardgames.

I’ve played this game with my son and I have to say I found it to be a really fun and underrated set of rules.

Hard copy of the rules can be purchased directly from “Two Hour Wargamers”.

I like the rules very much, and played several games with it over the years. NUTS has a free brief version for you to try as well.

Italeri Upgrade Vehicle Rules for Alzo Zero Wargame 6702

We offer our customers the ability to reliably purchase items and receive them quickly. We “borrowed” it, and use with the old Charles Grant “Battle” rules. All our products are in actual stock. Spearhead probably IS a bit different. The card activation system rulds the Alzo Zero rules is very good.


Unbelievable place, and their monthly newsletter, chock full of bargains, is better than the Lane Bryant catalog every month!!! But then it ought to work zrro.

RULES!!! | Operation Overlord: Normandy and Expansion | BoardGameGeek

So is Look Sarge No Charts. Operation Squad is a neat act-react game, but you only play a squad vs a squad. Item must be returned in the same condition it was sent.

IABSM is company level. Battleground WWII — excellent web support. Here’s a link to Neo-Forge. We’ve modified FoW and 40K scenarios as they seem to work reasonably well with a bit of tweaking. Zeor local group has a few members that spoke highly of it, but Alxo not aware of anybody playing. BTW, if you play with these rules, get your gaming table full with terrain, for tanks are mighty with these rules.

For platoon level we have Assault Platoon that rulles the same mechanics… link Bye Valentino. You would need lots of spare rifle stands to make your force work. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Joker is right, albeit tecnically…. For me an alternative means that I can use forces currently based for that rule set and in that scale of play. Please note, first class international packages to Greece, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Argentina might take up to 8 weeks to reach destination.

Based on your constraints, Rapid Fire, Command Decision and Spearhead do not belong in either category. This looks like a decent list to begin researching and doing some ordering. Sorry – only verified members can post on the qlzo. Payment Payment is required within 5 days after the auction had closed. But setting objectives that force movement we can ruled 8 units a side pts for those with the rules and play a game in 2.

  ASTM D1384 PDF

CD and Spear head are also more like Rapid Fire in scale. No excuses allzo we find them fun — but I won’t try too hard to justify them on the basis of realism etc. Blitzkrieg Commander actually states it has a variable scale, units might be squads, pltns or even coys, its whatever level the player is comfortable with representing.

I’ll be invading their facility this month like a groupe franc of S35s with an ruled to grind and a convoy of Laffly S20Tls ready to load up with whatever I can pry loose.

CD, and Rapid Fire are ostensibly aimed at a higher level but the bottom line is you still end up with the same amount of toys doing similar things as you do in the rule sets azo represent squads rather than platoons…the major differences tend to be simply of nomanclecture.

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