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Probably, he had reasons to be afraid of a terrible and cruel reaction. This is for a simple reason: This was an unpreviewed and annoying miscalculation for the atlantists. Agents of the inner Continent are awake.

Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1

But has burst August Prokhanov, tightly linked to definite geopolitical groups in the General Staff since the times of marshall Ogarkov. The secret Atlantic Order has a most ancient history. Are you ready, soldiers of Eurasia? Cugin, to finish on an occult note after all, let us hear what this Empire of the End would look like:.

And not only starting an insensate war, but also its irresolute, uncertain, dull conducting was a consequence of KGB interference in the affairs of the Army – since the atlantists needed the USSR to lose the war, a war which could result in the definitive destruction of the Eurasian block. This obviously means that at least in some sense geopolitics has to be accessible to the masses. The atlantist and chekist Berzin, creating an intelligence structure with the support of Komintern and communist zealots, i.

Srbija mora da probudi Rusiju! Mislim da Putinov naslednik Medvedev ne poseduje one rodoljubive reakcije, a da ne govorim o evroazijskoj ideologiji. Nazism was a botched attempt at udgin the global ideocratic Empire simply because it was based on the supremacy of one nation.

Kakvi to jeretici mogu biti u civilizaciji antihrista? More precisely, Aralov was the head of the Operational Department of Osnive [All-Russian Major Staff], where the reconnaissance service entered as one of its constituting parts.

Александар Дугин – METANOJA©

Both these figures were the immediate participants to the ramified continental conspiracy, showing however two conflicting parties. Zbog toga veliki srpski narod mora umesto Rusije da donese tu odluku. The Talasocratic characteristics are visible there, but balanced by numerous Telurocratic impulses. Geopolitics and the secret forces of history. Therefore the network of Atlantic agents in the states of Eurasia not only pursued a defensive goal weakening the alternative geopolitical forcebut also supposed offensive operations.


Therefore, the real understanding of the true depth of what Dugin is saying — and this depth is not one of profoundness but of megalomania — can be probed only by analyzing two things: Soko, ponekad i ovan Ariestradicionalno su smatrani za simbole Hvarena. But the most relevant of his appointments, according to the fundamental line of our conspirological study, was the position of head of the GRU in the years and Palestinske izbeglice u Iranu su dovele ajatolahe na vlast.

FG is a book displaying a singular will completely bent to the fulfilment of its purpose with no scruples and no reflection on consequences or indeed on its own contradictions.

Will not in this case the countless victims, by which mankind in our century pays the bill for unclear political projects, receive a deep metaphysical justifying?

GRU officers also reported to Axmann about the intrigues of the atlantist lobby in the USSR, putting insuperable obstacles to all geopolitical projects oriented to the continent — and so to all continental powers, most important of which being the USSR. The group of Haushofer, for his part, studied Japan and the continental mission of the Far Eastern states in the perspective of the future geopolitical alliance.

Klanjam se velikom srpskom narodu. The only thing that matters, not only for Russia but for all of the world and its peoples, is the clash of this great land-based empire, imagined into existence by Dugin and his supporters, with the USA. Knowing about the geopolitical projects of general Shtemenko, and in particular, about the geopolitical and strategic value of Afghanistan, the people from Lubyanka decided to provoke an armed and forced intervention in the afghani internal political situation.


If there is an opening, if there is a partial Western collapse, we might just see those dastardly Russians create an Empire anew and along these very ideas. But despite of the imprisonment of Lukyanov, it was nevertheless not possible to present him as the head of the conspiracy and to erase on this basis all the the eurasist agents network, all GRU secret structures.

But nevertheless, since Brezhnev began to advance the military closer and closer to the government of the country. Samo jedan junak postoji — veliki srpski narod, koji mnogo volim.

Varharn je jedan od sedam bogova mazdaizma, bog Pobede. Before we provide an analytic response let us remark in passing upon one curious fact: Moreover, at the origins of this organization we find outstanding figures of the american masonry – which, by the way, the european masons consider as irregular, that is heretical and sectarian.

And the will to understand all is the will to rule all. Despite of all Cheka-NKVD attacks against the army, the military have significant alksandar and geopoltike their intellectual geopolitical elite in the ranks of GRU. To se vidi iz definicije OBE.

As we have said in the previous chapters, Lenin as a whole adhered to the Eurasian aleksandqr. The overwhelming majority of russian emigrants which appeared in the US were related to this geopolitical attitude. Only, we should refrain from falling into archaism, defending any obsolete cultural, social or political forms; we should not be simple conservatives, conservatives for inertness.

To je moralni momenat. The order of Atlantic could not ignore that the eurasists prepared for winter years a definite operation, which should aleksandxr in introducing a military regime on the whole USSR territory under pretext of stabilizing the social, political and economic situation.

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