Some brother is passing out this horrific book against our ( Raheemullah). I need to know if there is a book in english written in. Compiled by Sayf ad-Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Al- Albani Unveiled An Exposition of His Errors and other important issues Compiled . Al-albaniUnveiled-AnExpositionOfHisErrorssayfAd-dinAhmedIbnMuhammad.

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Some scholars had accused him of still holding on to his deviant Zaydiyyah-Mu’tazilite rationalistic thinking that was propounded by one of the first deviant sects of Islam thinking, while pretending to be within the fold of orthodox Sunni Islam; but Allah knows best!

Al-Albani Unveiled: 50 Errors from Many

And all this is from neglect in research and submitting to taqleed. Here is the full quote from Abu Dawood’s Sunan: He was also originally a Shafi’i scholar who changed his school and became the foremost Hanafi Imam of his time.

Imam Shafi’i and Imam Ahmed Allah’s mercy be upon them assert the same thing. Besides these errors there are others which will be displayed in the following pages, from the one who claims to be giving us the most ‘authentic’ Sunnah through his ‘classifications of Ahadith’! Therefore, the statement recorded by Sabiq that the chain is Sahih is incorrect i.

Their proof is the report which Bayhaqi has, with genuine authority, narrated from Sa’ib ibn Yazid. He says on page There is a well known story related from the great Imam Abu Hanifah d. The book is now available here: The People of the Book before you were split up into 72 sects, and this community will be split up into 73, seventy- two of them will go to Hell and one of them will go to Paradise, and it is the majority group Jama’ah.

If you look with a sound understanding into those passages relating to the sciences of faith in the Book Qur’anthe Sunnah, and the saying of the virtuous predecessors, whether they be Companions or followers, you will know for certain that the truth is with the party called the Ashari NB-the Maturidi’s are also upon the truthnamed after the Shaykh Abu’l Hasan al- Ashari, may Allah have mercy on him, who systematized the foundations of the creed of the people of the truth, and recorded its earliest versions, these being the beliefs with the Companions and the best among the followers agreed upon.

He then pointed to the breasts or lower than that. So what an amazement!!! For the record let me say at the outset, that most of the opinions that I will be quoting from al-Albani are sound and acceptable to one school of fiqh or another. Al- Albaani Slandered, p. We gathered in the Mosque the following night hoping that he would come again. Our brothers and sisters who accuse those of raising the hands in the other stages of prayer should ask themselves: Believe my Companions, then those who succeed them the Successorsand after that those who succeed the Successors; but after them untruthfulness will prevail when people will swear in support of their saying without having been asked to swear, and will testify without having been asked to testify.


He again quotes the reference as only Da’eef al-Jaami’, and avoids mentioning where shaykh al-Albaani speaks about it in detail, i. This narration is mentioned in Marifatus Sunan of al-Bayhaqi. Insha’ Allah, we should respect each others opinions, if it has a sound basis from the sources of the Shari’ah.

You must carefully see from whom you are receiving the knowledge of your religion. Follow not other ways, lest you be parted from His way! Imagine what I would have found if I had traced everything he wrote? According to al-Shaffi, the hands should be placed below the chest I say: Al-Albani said in “Sifah Salah an-Nabee, pg. I found some serious contradictions when I cross-referenced the above named publications; but I content myself by quoting just two of the contradictions, so that a round figure of fifty errors is achieved!

So here are examples where Saqqaaf accuses the shaykh of error when in fact it is he who is in error: The Malikiyyah see below for the Maliki view move the finger to the left and to the right until they finish the prayer. It is therefore unlawful for him to abandon it or to follow anyone else in respect of it.

Anyway, praise is due to Allah who guided me to recognise my mistake, and that is why I hurried to correct it in unveilde Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence. But none of them will remain in Hell eternally. Everyone of its verses has an explicit and implicit meaning and every interdiction is clearly defined. Proper knowledge of al Shari’ah cannot be perfected without practice and close contact with the experts, especially in those areas where opinions diverge, evidences seem to contradict each other, and certain matters seem to be under suspicion.

Tashahhud, he placed his right hand on his right thigh and his left hand on his left thigh, and pointed with his forefinger, and placed his thumb on his middle finger, and covered his knee with the palm of his left hand.

For, Allah’s help, protection and guidance are for albami followers of this group, and His wrath and punishment are for those who dissent from this group. Al-Albani has weakened it with reference to the ‘3 days’ part in “Daeef Sunan al-Nisai, pg.


AS descent to this earth at the end of which occurs, “and he will lead you with the Book of your Lord and the Sunnah of your Prophet. And this sums up the approach of the contemporary and some classical Ash? I must stress, the above discussion only refers to those who can perform Ijtihad, and not to those who are unable to fulfil the conditions recognized by the scholars of Usool for carrying out the duties of a Mujtahid.

al-Albani Unveiled: Important Issues of Fiqh

The Qur’an and its interpreters, vol. Such righteous persons may be found spread all over the world. They kept standing before them in all humility and dared not sit down before them.

This no doubt applies most strongly to those brothers and sisters who may have wholeheartedly relied on al-Albani’s classifications of Hadith by way of Taqleed; in their quest to adhere to the authentic Sunnah.

Shaykh Saqqaf is a contemporary Shafi’i scholar of Hadith and Fiqh. It forbids separation which causes discord and dissension in the knowledge of i’tiqad see Imam al-Qurtubi’s opinion later. The main aim in carrying out the latter exercise is for the benefit of those believers who do not and can not read the Arabic works of al-Albani for one, and secondly to give the opportunity to any doubting “Thomas”; who may or may not be one of unvveiled supporters at the time of reading this short exposition, to actually go along and check the references I have albanu from mainly in English.

Al Albani Unveiled An Exposition Of His Errorssayf Ad Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad

Peace and blessings be on His final Messenger, Sayyidina Muhammad. B; Almar Press, N. He crowns himself as an unbeatable source and even tries to imitate the great scholars by using such terms like ” Lam aqif ala sanadih “, which means “I could not find the chain of narration”, or using similar phrases!

Al-Albani claims that not raising the hands has come to us authentically only, “once through Abdallah ibn Masood, but this is not suitable for putting into practise.

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