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The other thread focuses on the life of Robert Gu, a noted poet from the late 20th and early 21st centuries who nearly succumbed to Alzheimer’s but thanks to modern technology has been saved and even made seemingly younger, getting a whole new lease on life.

As if a book written and researched by a single author is superior to a crowd-sourced document composed by a hundred scholars. Almost everyone is wired, you can carry petabytes in your pocket the sum total of all recorded human media on the equivalent of a USB drivethe world is globally-connected in ways we still are dreaming about bu Although I did not love this book as much as his Zones of Thought space operas, Vernor Vinge has yet to disappoint me.

Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

This is probably the least realistic technology as well; I find the predictions of for an AI far too optimistic. Robert Gu is a recovering Alzheimer’s patient. Finla future shock description of a society not to different from our own, but masterly caricatured to something quite scary.

May 08, Clouds rated it it was ok Shelves: This review originally appeared on Cheeze Blog. You can read why I ca It took me an absurdly long time to track down this book, and then when the dust settled, I somehow found myself in possession of two mass market editions.


But all of a sudden, you had this new technology. So, that I didn’t really empathize or care about any of the characters isn’t a valid criticism. The greatest strengths of the story are in the utterly believable future world Vinge Vernor Vinge continues to delight with well-plotted and offbeat SF. Because they are electronic first, and civil as a very distant second.

Robert Gu was, we are srcoiris repeatedly, an abusive husband and father. There are no characters in this book that I care about.

Setting aside the fact that I started this in August, and just now finished it, I don’t think this was very good. More evenings than not, Alice and Miri were down in the kitchen, attempting to make hard work out of modern cookery.

He believes in something called a Technology Singularity: When I think of ‘science fiction’, Isaac Asimov comes to mind; perhaps a rather fossilised idea, but because of at least one or two that I had tried to read of Asimov many many years ago, I never delved into scifi much more than that.

Maybe I would have warmed to Gu if I’d given him more time, but it’s hard to know how to get involved with a character who thinks things like, “It was hard to dominate someone if you didn’t understand most of what she said” — surely even people who want to dominate other people don’t think that’s what they’re doing? The important thing to know about Miles is that his mother was attacked with poison gas when she was pregnant with him, and the result was that he was born extremely small with fragile bones arcoiirs are easily broken.

I’ll be pleased as plum pie when physical stop signs are replaced by windshield AR. May 20, C. You’d target the actual soldiers. The most interesting characters rarely show up. I hate the implication that if he has changed, she has some sort of obligation to forgive him. I’m a fan of Vinge’s work, and I’ve had to wrestle a little with the idea that my dislike for this book might just be the result of it being different from the other things arcoirus done.


Rainbows End also explores what I call “the acceleration of change.

Ok, YGBM is ‘you gotta believe me’ technology. Indeed all action in the book was in San Diego aside from a few virtual actions.

It showed some good, interesting foresight about where VR and the IoT might be taking us. The summary is that it takes place in a universe where humans have colonized many planets and can travel many light years in a single jump by using wormholes.

Al Final Del Arcoiris

My favorite character was Mr. Rainbow’s End is a tale about loss, growing old and getting dell second chance, and how that affects bad family dynamics, along with the usual gobs of interesting speculation ginal the future. Mercenary fleets are being hired by both sides to, on the Cetagandan side, set up an invasion force and, on the Barrayaran side, to counteract it.

Aug 09, Kris rated it it was amazing. The story also speaks best to people who enjoy and understand enough of current computer technology to recognize the logic of Vinge’s extrapolations. The tech-spec is perfect, but I’m even fonder of the social ramifications. And that’s the overall problem I had with Rainbows Vinge’s vision of the future may be more realistic than most, but his characters and plot drag. Though the purpose of this artifice is clear, it grinds certain sections of the book to a halt.

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