Ajax By Sophocles Written B.C.E. Translated by R. C. Trevelyan. Dramatis Personae ATHENA ODYSSEUS AJAX CHORUS OF SALAMINIANS TECMESSA . Complete summary of Sophocles’ Ajax. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Ajax. Sophocles turns tradition inside out, portraying Aias’ suicide not as a disgrace This edition of Aias translates precisely that transformation of the hero from the.

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This is a powerful, compactly told play that would have included choral and lyric song, dirges, chants, and dance, and performed by an all-male cast wearing masks.

Ajax If only he were here, in front of me, now! Sophocle was an ancient Greek tragedy playwright.

My name says what I feel; who’d have believed that pain and I’d be one; Aiee, Ajax! A true and loyal friend, indeed! Messenger Yes, Teucer told me not to let Ajax out sophoclea the house until he, himself, gets here. Is that why she got so angry with you?

Can you hear one of them talking? Be certain of that.

Ajax (Translations from Greek Drama)

Chorus Ajax, son of Telamon! All men are the same. Teucer Within Oh, what a disaster! Sellars’ Ajax –More Than Games.


Tecmessa Oh, what an unbearable sight! He tried to put us to the spear during the night! This you did, even though, that bloated general and his brother wanted to hurl insults at him and to leave him unburied.

I am afraid that perhaps some god has sent this sickness to him. Stand by me, Athena, stand by me always, help me with my fight. Die, the moment I make the jump, the moment this sword pricks my side. Oh, I wish he were here right now! Grab it, hold it by its strong leather strap.

And so, I shall be sensible. On the other hand, wily yet flexible Odysseus recognizes the greatness of Aias at the end – does not hold on to his enmity but affords the fallen hero respect, even offers to help with the burial rituals. Tecmessa His attendant is bringing him here right now. His concubine, Tecmessapleads for him not to leave her and their child, Eurysakesunprotected.


Chorus No friends around you, to protect aophocles, my friend! However, if we consider this play and Heracles we notice that the Greeks seemed to believe that the origin of mental illness was divine. I hated the man. Hector gave me this. Bagg, Robert and James Scullyeds. Now he realises what he has done, how horrible his deed was and that it was he and he alone who did it.


Ajax Look at me! Ajax Oh my friends! Do as I ask you and sophoxles will soon hear that even though Fate is against me right now, I will soon be free of this misfortune. I can still see him now: Good bye to you, paths of the sea! The Greeks couldn’t decide who should receive Achilles’ armor, and turned to the Trojans – asked them to take a vote to decide. David Grene and Richmond Lattimore, Blood and gore is scattered everywhere.

The Internet Classics Archive | Ajax by Sophocles

And while clinging to the past, Greece considers that its new, democratic order is important and vital. Zeus, father of my fathers! She was a princess by aiax.

Tecmessa Come, my son! What I find particularly interesting about this play is that Ajax’s eventual suicide is actually presented to the reader directly as an action.

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