Aerospike nozzles are rather unique, in that they are somewhat of a reverse version of the standard bell nozzle. Instead of using a shroud to contain the exit flow. Abstract- Aerospike nozzles are being considered in the development of the Single Stage to Orbit launching vehicles because of their prominent features and . With a bell nozzle, you have a minor part of rapidly expanding(+cooling) exhaust touching the broad, actively cooled nozzle – that means little.

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Figure-9, XRS aerospike rocket engine description data repeated in Figure The company hoped to develop VentureStar early this century. The value for the ratio of specific heats g are determined from the Units and Gases menus and are passed on to the MLN program after clicking the Minimum Length Nozzle command button on the main start-up screen.

Aerospike engine

For a detailed discussion of the method of characteristics please refer to the reference, Modern Compressible Flow, With Historical Perspective, by John D. Aeospike of using a physical shroud to contain the exhaust flow, the outer boundary is defined naturally by the local back-pressure. Ratio of specific heats g: Aerospike fabricated from a solid bar of T6 aluminum using a lathe to machine the article using a template generated by AeroSpike 2.

Click the UpDown command button to move a locator to one of seven points in the flow field. A new company, Firefly Aerospacehas replaced the aerospike engine with a conventional engine in the Alpha nozale.

Click [X] to switch between the main data entry area Figure-2 and the secondary data entry area Figure Nozz,e design was abandoned after Firefly Space Systems went bankrupt.


It belongs to the class of altitude compensating nozzle engines. Propellant Gases Available Inert Gases. Chamber temperature in either degrees Rankine or degrees Kelvin depending on the units selected.

An aerospike rocket engine seeks to eliminate this loss of efficiency. Nozzld this simple modification is performed the exit Area ratio AR becomes 2. Rocket propulsion Rocket engines Industrial design. Aerospike Engine Results Compared. In the Aerospike Nozzle Data section added a display of Truncation as percent of total aerospike length. Linear aerospikes provide an advantage over toroidal aerospikes, in that the turbomachinery and combustion chamber actually fit within the inner section of the nozzle, allowing for the entire assembly to be tilted from side to side for thrust vectoring purposes, which are discussed on the next page.

Welcome to Stack Exchange! The resulting exit area ratio of the nozzle determined by the method of characteristics.

The Aerospike Engine Was Considered for the Shuttle, But Never Flew. That’s About to Change

But before that can happen, the company needs to make sure the aerospike engine performs as well as expected. This is where the Demonstrator 3 test npzzle into play.

Selected from pull-down menu or user-defined. Instead of using a shroud to contain the exit flow, aerospikes direct the flow along the exterior of the nozzle. The aerospike nozzles and solid rocket motors were developed and built by the rocket motor division of Cesaroni Technology Incorporatednorth of Toronto, Ontario.

The engine has a bell-shaped nozzle that has been cut in half, then stretched to form a ring with the half-nozzle now forming the profile of a plug. JCRM 3, 2 10 The idea behind the aerospike design is that at low altitude the ambient pressure compresses the exhaust against the spike.

Ratio of chamber pressure to thruster exit pressure.

Aerospike Nozzle and Minimum Length Nozzle Design

The Mach arrospike at the exit of the nozzle where the flow is uniform. In addition, the thruster sonic-section angle 60 degrees to degrees is located in the secondary data entry area.


Only the ratio of specific heats are required for the MLN analysis. They have a planned launch in A straight sonic line is assumed to occur at the throat of the minimum length nozzle.

Nathan Tuggy 3, 4 25 Linear aerospike engines are an old idea that seem so full of promise. The interesting thing about the aerospike nozzle is that it overcomes problems with varying back-pressure by simply using the local atmospheric pressure to control the flow area.

The Aerospike Nozzle – Rocketschnozzles

When checked this check box activates base pressure computation for truncated aerospike nozzles where base pressure is included for determination of total aerospike thrust and thrust coefficient. Nzzle of firing the exhaust out of a small hole in the middle of a bell, an aerospike engine avoids this random distribution by firing along the outside edge of a wedge-shaped protrusion, the “spike”, which serves the same function as a traditional jozzle bell.

That means short test runs of aerospike engines, proving all the benefits, are perfectly viable – but the experimental rigs are shut down before they could overheat and suffer critical damage.

The outer aerospi,e angle from the lip of the thruster cowl to the end of the external ramp increases as altitude increases.

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