In this amusing though flawed novel, Kala introduces the Bridget Jones of India. Aisha Bathia is an independent year-old single woman living in New Delhi. : Almost Single eBook: Advaita Kala: Kindle Store. Almost Single. Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Relationship? Advaita Kala No Comments | Write Review. Fiction.

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Nov advxita, Amalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Then it, kind of, became predictable and boring. I am having a hard time with this one as well.

Almost Single

I took this book up for reading rather hesitantly. The novel offers the idea that a better body, a better wardrobe, a better job, a better man are not yet out of reach. In the early chapters, I didn’t feel this to be a novel in an Indian setting, I felt the characters, basically everything, is too westernized. I loved the narration, very hilarious but very true.

As for sitting myself down and writing, well, I can advaitaa quite obsessive and do one thing and nothing else, and then there are days when I would go nowhere near the book. Somewhere a clock is ticking, though as far as Aisha is concerned, kkala can be cheerfully drowned out by laughter over a champagne brunch. The protagonists represent a certain substantial population of present day India. Any comparison to Bridget Jones is a terrible insult to that book’s author. She bumps in to a cute guy, obviously in an inept situation, who eventually is her prince charming.

Aisha Bathia is an independent year-old single woman living in New Delhi working as a guest relations manager at the five-star Grand Orchid Hotel.


There were, however, two points that I really didn’t like – always considering that it was only a chic-flic: Aisha Bhatia, over-weight, wine-drinking and almost turning thirty single gal amost in a grand hotel and has a kkala boss who makes her life difficult as and when he can. Dec 29, Nikhilesh rated it did not like it. Looking for More Great Reads? Not much of a story line in this book and the it ended as if the writer ran out of pages.

In a city where old is meeting new, daughters are surprising mothers, and love is breaking all the rules, this heartfelt and wickedly funny cross-cultural debut novel introduces a smart, irreverent young woman searching for independence and matrimony in a culture bound by tradition. Finished reading it alkost. But overall it feels like even the author is dragging the story aimlessly.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Look For Search kkala Sangeeta Maithel i found it good light reading in between books and some parts were laugh out loud funny to me! Almost Single Amazon Paperback: I personally feel that the author must have got bored writing it so probably, wrapped up the book rather fast and by taking the most logical path to ending the book.

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How did you go about wr You are commenting using your WordPress. There were several cultural references, which were not given supporting details to help a No Originally published in India, much of the book was lost in translation or more accurately, not translated at all.

Do not expect it to enrich your empty hours. Jan 23, Readingmakesmecalm rated it liked it. I also read lots of biographies, I am a bit of a history enthusiast. I love adviata about different cultures and part of the experience and appeal of reading a book taking place in India is learning about India. Discover what to read next.


Read the rest of the review here. The book has no perspective to offer about urban working women. Aishas may be living in metros but they must be in minority. Overall, don’t spend your money but if you get a chance, why not pick it up. I found myself continuously giggling, every time I picked it up – in metro, bus, home, akmost or put it down – while working, talking, bathing, eating, and all!

The one cultural part that was thoroughly explained was the highlight of the book.

Book Review of “Almost Single” By Advaita Kala | soniareviews

Apr 24, Nicole rated it it was ok Shelves: I loved Misha – well written, with real issues and endearing foibles.

Return to Book Page. Look Inside Reading Guide. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Aevaita your comment here Also, there’s the fact that the book is fast paced. Maybe it’s my Western advaitta and the confrontation with a foreign culture. We’re not here to grow and discover the secret depths in people with Aisha, we’re here to make fun of the world with her.

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