Adorno, T. W. (). Freudian theory and the pattern of fascist propaganda. Psyche: Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse und ihre Anwendungen, 24(7), Written in , this essay systematizes Theodore Adorno’s extensive work in the s, informed by psychoanalysis, on the mass psychological base of. Adorno begins by approaching the Freudian descriptions and the .. Adorno’s “ Freudian Theory and the Pattern of Fascist Propaganda”.

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Refresh and try again. This site uses cookies. Themightycheez rated it sdorno was amazing Mar 08, ptatern Adorno argues that this produces the characteristically fascist form of massification, and that there are other forms of massification and social reintegration]. The Feminism of Uncertainty. Adorno extends this claim, writing: He links these two moments in Freud from the Psychology of Love and the anatomical difference between the sexes with the Group Psychology and Civilization and its Discontents.

I want to follow up with just a few comments.

Expressions of a Fascist Imaginary | South Atlantic Quarterly | Duke University Press

Although less well known among anglophone philosophers than his contemporary Hans-Georg GadamerAdorno had even greater influence on scholars propaanda intellectuals in postwar Germany. There is an almost calculative obedience to leaders as the only way to gain release, and this is more powerful than just straightforward political belief.

It is important for us because it asks for the socio-psychological conditions of the possibility and also the limits of modern authoritarian states. Return to Book Page. The famed oral excesses of Hitler’s speeches displayed an ability to lose inhibitions in yheory himself.


Freudian Theory and the Pattern of Fascist Propaganda

In this vein, I will try to say something freudjan what I think I hear in the clinic in relation to some of these questions concerning love and group psychology.

We see that the object is being treated in the same way as our own ego, so that when we are in love a considerable amount of narcissistic libido overflows on the object. All these facets call for further clarif It follows that we should analyze the structure and system, using a theoretical frame of reference based on Freud’s work Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Egofasciat actually anticipated fascism and signaled a shift from individualist frekdian in Freud.

Narcissism and idealization are also important themes, allowing a collective projection on to leaders: Meghan Elward-Duffy marked it as to-read Feb 20, Animelove24 Brown marked it as to-read Feb 28, What is the structure of prejudice?

The people he has to reckon with generally undergo the characteristic modern conflict between a strongly developed rational, self-preserving ego agency and the continuous failure to satisfy their own ego demands. This is only possible because the appeal was unconscious rather than rational, and this explains the vagueness of propaganda.

Related Topics political imagination cathexis Adorno prejudice fascism. Love can develop only via a mediating figure, and Hitler was able to substitute the Fatherland for the father.

The process is facilitated by particular group structures, such thfory a fascist community which represents the perfect substitution of individual egos for one ego ideal [the fascist community is seen as a regression to a primal horde, a deeper process than mere nostalgia]. This conflict results in strong narcissistic impulses which can be absorbed and satisfied only through idealization as the partial transfer of the narcissistic libido to the object. Fascism was peculiarly irrational and dangerous.


His research engages problems of democratic theory, especially modes of resistance, rhetoric, belief, extremism, and political affect. As religion declines, the process remains as a kind of social structure, and can be provided with content by pseudo arguments like those involving race.

They have to be transformed into a mass, by finding some bond which unites them while deindividualizing them. The power of suggestion lies in tapping a conviction based on an erotic tie, rather than a rational reasonable perception.

Speech was seen as a matter of letting the unconscious flow out, to uninhibit the self and thrill the audience.

I spoke about this earlier in the conference with Chiara Bottici and Judith Butler, so I apologize for the repetition. It also stems from the thoroughness with which he examined Western philosophical traditions, especially from Kant onward, and the radicalness to his critique of contemporary Western society.

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Freudian Theory and The Pattern of Fascist Propaganda

Freud does say that the exclusion of love and the exclusion in some form, of women, or love of women, is important to mass psychology. What happened to the dread of women? This bond is libidinal, emotional, pleasurable: Open Preview See a Problem?

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