Has anyone had one of these? Does it degrade the signal? Also I’m curious as to what is going on inside if anyone knows. : adcom gfs-3 speaker Selector. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for adcom gfs-3 speaker Selector at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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Trending Price New. Lux ManNov 8, In addition to the wire you’d normally use, the signal will also pass through the input connectors, then the switch, then the switch for the resistor, then if switched in the resistor, then the output connectors, then the extra length of wire. I’m thinking of using it to avoid my turn on thump. Fred SanfordNov 9, Also I’m curious as to what is going on inside if anyone knows.

I mainly wanted to know it was detrimental to the signal. Resolves my curioisty of whats inside my G Must have for using more than one pair of speakers This is my second Adcom speaker selector. Share This Page Tweet.



I was happy with my old one and the new one is basically the same thing. BadassBobNov 9, Lux ManNov 9, Log in or Sign up. To my ears, it didnt affect the SQ one bit, I removed it because it just wasnt needed.

Ratings gfd-3 Reviews Write a review. The possibility of both amps connecting at the same time and shorting out scared me. This is my second Adcom speaker selector. Last one Free shipping.

ADCOM Gfs-3 Speaker Selector Switch With Protection GFS3

I have never tried to run both at the same time for fear of doing damage to my amp trying to drive 2 pairs of electrostatics at the same time. So much for using my MIT cables. My needs changed so I sold that one and went shopping for a three station speaker selector.

Your name or email address: WolverineNov 8, Show More Show Less. If you want a pic let me know and I’ll post. Does it degrade the signal? My first had six speaker hook ups. When playing more than 1 set of speakers at a time in the basement and using the protection you can definatly hear a difference.


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Adcom GFS-3 Speaker selector | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

I found the manual as well but not much for details. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Has anyone had one of these? I have the 6, it’s great, there is no difference in sound at all. I’ll have the speakers on channel A and have it set to B when I turn my amp on. See if you can borrow one if you adclm.

I’m kind of considering using one between a pre-amp and going to two separate amps

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