Write array to ByteArray: ByteArray «Development «Flash / Flex / ActionScript. is it possible to write past the null byte into the ByteArray()?. Of course it is. ByteArray — is a chunk of raw data. You can write whatever you like there, and you. As the name suggests, a byte array allows you to work with binary data by storing it Most of the uses of byte arrays in ActionScript are fairly specialized, but an.

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The deflate compression algorithm is used in several compression formats, such as zlib, gzip, some zip implementations, and others.

The compress method allows you to compress a ByteArray in accordance with a compression algorithm that you specify as a parameter.

Returns Number — A double-precision bit floating-point number. Hide Inherited Public Properties. Reads an byytearray bit integer from the byte stream. The returned value is in the range to Consequently those bytes are identical to the result of calling compress air. String Changes or reads the byte order for the data; either Endian. The function below shows how you can move through a vector element by element and search for a particular value.

The string is assumed to be prefixed with an unsigned short indicating the length in bytes. Decompresses the byte array. It does the following: See also uncompress CompressionAlgorithm.

ByteArray – AS3

Likewise, in bytearrsy to decode data compressed in a format such as gzip or zip, you can’t simply call uncompress CompressionAlgorithm. When you create a new ByteArray instance, the encoding on that instance starts with the value of defaultObjectEncoding. The encoded data follows the type marker unless the marker represents a single possible value, such as null or true or false, in which case nothing else is encoded. After calling compress and uncompressthe length of the byte array is set to the bytfarray length and the position property is set to the end.


The returned value is in the range to The low 8 bits are written to the byte stream.

Indicates whether the specified property exists and is enumerable. Reads an IEEE single-precision bit floating-point number from the byte stream.

The CompressionAlgorithm class defines constants that you can use to specify the compression algorithm. EOFError — There is not sufficient data available to read. Decompresses the byte array using the deflate compression algorithm. The string is assumed to be prefixed with an unsigned short indicating the length in bytes. Writes a sequence zctionscript length bytes from the specified byte array, bytes, starting offset zero-based index bytes into the byte stream.

ActionScript 3 fundamentals: Vectors and ByteArrays

In this case, the vector is created with seven places to be defined in the future. You can also use the index to populate the vector with data, just as you did with the push method. Retrieving Data from Server The default value is falseindicating that the underlying memory is not shared among workers.

You can do so by redefining the toJSON method on the class prototype. The low 16 bits of the parameter are used. For example, the following code writes a string to a ByteArray and afterward the position property points to the byte immediately following the string in the ByteArray: Writes a Boolean value.


ray – Adobe® AIR® API Reference for HTML Developers

See also Reading and writing a ByteArray. If the length is set to a value that is larger than the current length, the right side of the byte array is actiohscript with zeros. Boolean Indicates whether an instance of the Object class is in the prototype chain of the object specified as the zctionscript. There are indeed some similarities but also some important differences. The position property is set to the end of the byte array.

Index While adding data with push and removing it with pop is an effective way to manipulate the end of variable sized vectors, they are most commonly manipulated and accessed via index.

RangeError — The value of the supplied offset and length, combined, is greater than the maximum for a uint. For example, the following code writes a actionsdript to a ByteArray and afterward the position property points to the byte immediately following the string in the ByteArray:.

If the length parameter is omitted, the default length of 0 is used; the method writes the entire buffer starting at offset. The length of the UTF-8 string in bytes is written first, as a bit integer, followed by the bytes representing the characters of the string. Read back each of the nine bytes written into hytearray byte array.

Boolean — A Boolean value determining which byte is written. Writes a byte to the byte stream.

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