open world. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Welcome to Introduction to ActionScript , a book on ActionScript that anyone, including you, can edit!. These functions will be discussed in this chapter as well as the second section of this book. Other built-in functions do not belong to a built-in class. They can be. The definition of private has changed since ActionScript , where it allowed access by subclasses. If you do not specify an access modifier explicitly, the.

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Learning ActionScript 3.0, 2nd Edition by Rich Shupe, Zevan Rosser

Remember the Object class? So far, we’ve only been referencing the apple from the main timeline. We can do this:. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you find any of these actionscriptt to be too much to digest, feel free to skip them and come back to them later.

The function1function2etc. A constructor function is the most important method of a class. They can be used whenever you want, wherever you want in your file. Calling a method of another function is just as easy as accessing their variables.

Introduction to ActionScript /Introduction – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Type in the following code:. Because later chapters build on topics discussed early on, you may not always be able to jump right to a specific topic without first reviewing earlier chapters. As you can see, this is not always necessary.


A special bonus chapter, available for download from the companion website, takes a short look at the 3D capabilities built-in to ActionScript 3. This book is not for your PhD thesis.

Although we try to remain ActionScript-editor neutral whenever possible, the examples in this book were created in Flash Professional. What this book does not aim to do [ edit ] This book is not about the production of Flash games or websites.

Note that if you have programming experience, this book will be quite easy for you. One situation in which we must use this is when a parameter and a timeline variable have the same name.

Another thing to remember is that anything you drag on the stage and any variables you declare on the main timeline are properties of the main timeline. Instead, several functions are used to manipulate the current frame:.

Welcome Lucas Robert Bilodeau!

That is just to show that undefined can be fit into any data type. When deciding if the book in your hands will be a good resource for your library, it might help you to know why we, the authors, wrote this particular coookbook.


Introduction to ActionScript 2.0/Properties and Methods

An attribution usually includes the title, author, publisher, copyright holder, and ISBN. Finally, it is found that undefined is equal, but not strictly equal, to null. It is the grand-daddy of all cookgook. Now suppose we’re too lazy to type in ‘this. This book is aimed at designers and developers without extensive ActionScript 3. The source file archives for each chapter are available from the Downloads page, and you atcionscript sort posts by category or use the search feature to find posts by name.

For example, if you’re in the Main Timeline, this.

ActionScript CookBook | Adobe Community

It is often said that ActionScript’s simplicity allows non-programmers to program. All objects have properties and methods, remember? Open the Flash file with the apple again and type in the following code:. Introduction to ActionScript 2. This book is for Sally and Claire. Therefore, the main timeline has various built-in properties and methods we have to learn.

A variable which is not yet defined i.

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