Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is a styrene acrylate polymer suitable for use as binder in construction adhesives and sealants. Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is an aqueous styrene acrylic anionic dispersion for architectural finishes, textured finishes. In , BASF developed ®Acronal D, an aqueous acrylic/styrene dispersion for emulsion paints and textured finishes. At that time, very few people could.

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The test C to select the compounds suitable for the present invention as corrosion inhibitor, in this case the compounds corresponding to the following part numbers:.

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Repair carried out to these coatings leads to visuallly unacceptable results. The process of claim 1, wherein the aqueous basecoat composition further comprises compounds selected from the group selected from the group consisting of epoxy-functional compounds, carboxyl-functional compounds, and mixtures thereof.

The process of claim 1, wherein the aqueous basecoat composition has a pH of from 7 to 8. The main feature of these paintings is their pH is in the range of 4. acornal

The aforementioned waterproofing agents are optionally in the form of aqueous emulsion. Zum Aufkleben des Calico verwendeten wir Acronal 14 D, 1: Polymers containing macromonomers and their use in a method of coating substrates. The rheological auxiliary is intended to give the basecoat composition the desired viscosity especially at the generally alkaline pH that is employed. The pigments can be dispersed, for example, with a grinding resin, such as an auxiliary binder, dispersing aid or water.

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In a separate mixer, a mixture of 5 parts by weight of aluminum flakes and 5 parts by weight of butylglycol was stirred until smooth. Es handelt sich um eine Date of ref document: In the context of experiments conducted by the Applicant, the reference rise time, tr, was 8 seconds.

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Preferably, the corrosion inhibitor is capable of modifying the time to attack by corrosion of a ferrous metallic article with an aqueous hydrochloric acid solution. All customary topcoats can be applied as the transparent topcoat. Drying, in Examples 14 to 19, is performed at room temperature for a week.

The average results of two samples is shown in the examples below. However, in practice it has been observed that certain aqueous dispersions of film-forming polymer, such as acrylic polymers are generally unstable at acidic pH and flocculate at these pH. The road condition will be better, and the road condition will be a little bit worse The compositions according to the invention also contain at least one antifoaming agent.

In addition, the basecoat composition may also include fillers which are customary in the field of paint chemistry.


Teile Wirkung Polymerdispersion, z. Chair Mechanism D Ref Price: In fact, if we replace that burden by “10 WoUastokup toilet” in the above examples, TBS anticorrosion coatings made with formulas free of waterproofing agent, has improved significantly.

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D a basecoat applied to a customary primer surfacer is repaired with an aqueous coating composition containing aqueous polymer dispersion as film-forming agent. The solids content varies with the intended use of the coating compositions. GB Free format text: Country of ref document: Intervenuti i vigili del fuoco di Lonigo ed Examples of actonal anti-corrosive pigments that are recommended not to use include chromates, aceonal, lead oxides, pigments containing a metal such as tungsten, lead, and boron compounds.

Waterbased coating compositions of methylol meth acrylamide acrylic polymer, polyurethane and melamine crosslinking agent. A process for coating metallic surfaces with an aqueous-containing polymeric composition, the aqueous composition and use of the coated substrates.

As indicated above, the present invention avoids the use of toxic anti-corrosive pigments. The content of the antifoaming agent is preferably between 0.

The film-forming binders used and the results obtained are listed in the table I below.

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