ABSITE Killer PlusBasic Science General Null hypothesis = “no difference exists”; Type I Error – reject null hypothesis inc. ABSITE Killer Plus. Basic Science. General. Null hypothesis = “no difference exists”; Type I Error – reject null hypothesis incorrectly; Type II Error = accept null . Buy ABSITE KILLER ORGANIZED BY TOPIC: Read Kindle Store Reviews –

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What is the most common location?

I – cricoid oiller sternum thoracic inlet II – angle of mandible to cricoid III – base of skull to angle of mandible. Increase in end-tidal CO2 What is the treatment for malignant hyperthermia Dantrolene What is the first muscle to recover from paralytics?

ABSITE Killer Plus

Congenital abd wall defect, intrauterine rupture of umbilical cord, xbsite associated defects, lateral right defect, no sac What are the characteristics of omphalocele?

T cells What causes hyperacute rejection? STSG blood supply by imbibition 1st few days, then neovascularization days capillary ingrowth Flap necrosis: Bile pool 5g, recirculated q4h, lose 0. CMV is highest Hep C 1: Myofibroblasts What is the principal collagen late in scar?

Where is it secreted? Growth factors act here. Torus – bony exotosis, midline of palate Which has a greater risk for cancer, leukoplakia or erythroplakia? Excise, sphincteroplasty Type IV: Lose bilateral motor, pain, and temperature.

Crossmatch What causes acute rejection? Natural killer cells What is the source of histamine in blood? No radioactive iodine during pregnancy or breast-feeding; Pous in second trimester if possible.


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Every Year Hyperacute rejection due to pre-formed antibodies avoid by not transplanting when crossmatch is positive Acute rejection due to foreign MHC antigens of graft cells. Spinal cord hemi-transection Lose ipsilateral motor, contralateral pain and temperature What is Central Cord Syndrome?

What is the cause of respiratory distress at birth, and massive hyperinflation of a single lobe of the lung?

Retinoids can reverse leukoplakia and reduce chance of 2nd head and neck malignancy Head and Neck SCCa: Severe ulcer disease, diarrhea lipase destruction by acid, malabsorption, incr secretion What test evaluates gastrinoma? Hernia inferior to linea semicircularis through linea semilunaris – deep to ext oblique What is a Petit’s hernia? No antigen presentation needed. Surgical resection with chemotherapy before and after albendazole or mebendazole What is the work-up of hydatid cysts?

Does not incr fistula rate. Alveolar macrophages What is the first sign of malignant hyperthermia? What type of cancer demonstrates “peripheral palisading” of nuclei and “retraction artifact”. Embolize internal maxillary arterythen extirpate What is a replaced right or left hepatic artery? CMV What is the mechanism of azathioprine Imuran? Persistent omphalomesenteric duct What is the treatment of intussusception in children? Thalassemia What is the most common cause of hypercalcemic crisis?

Investing and Financing Decisions and the Balance. Contract from center of wound. ATN What are the zones of the neck? Rx with topical Calcium Carbon monoxide falsely elevates the O2Sat reading: Vit D made in skin, to liver for OH, calcidiolthen to kidney for 1-OH, calcitriolthen active. Present a little older 50salso F: If grossly visible tumor, do regional lymphadenectomy, wedge segment V, skeletonize portal triad.


Never trans-scrotal What stage seminomas get RT? PCNs and cephalosporins – can bind platelets and increase bleeding times What triggers renin release?

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Decreased ganglion cells in Auerbach’s plexus, absence of peristalsis and esophageal dilation. Infection is 1 complication Sistrunk procedure: Hirschsprung disease – no BM in first 24 hrs, diagnose with rectal bx What is the treatment for a meconium ileus? K and HCO3 Describe the blood supply of the rectum Superior rectal artery off IMA Middle off internal iliac Inferior off internal pudendal off internal iliac What are the most common genetic mutations in colon cancer?

Consumptive coagulopathy or CHF due to hemangioma – usually in infants. Hyperosmotic load, fluid shift causes neuroendocrine response, peripheral and splanchnic vasodilation What is the cause of late hrs dumping syndrome? A neuroendocrine tumor with staining for neuron specific enolase and neurofilament protein.

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