Talisa Patra (Abies Webbiana) known as Indian silver fir. Abies Webbiana is the scientific name of the talisa patra. It belongs to Pinaceae family. Pinaceae family . Abies webbiana is a coniferous, tall, evergreen tree, grows up to 60 m, with strong branches, stretched horizontally, with young buds covered with short br. Synonym. A. spectabilis (D. Don) Spach. Pinus webbiana Wall. Family. Pinaceae. Habitat. The Himalayas from Kashmir to Assam at altitudes of 1,–4, m.

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Chatterjee A, Pakrashi SC. Anxiolytic activity of Abies pindrow Royal leaves: Support Center Support Center. Application of heat in extraction methods, however, would extract more constituents to give more compounds. These also indicate the conditions in which we should avoid it.

The botanical name of Talispatra is Abifs webbiana Lindl. It has demulcent and cooling properties. Journal List Pharmacognosy Res v.

MS EI, 70 eV: Pharmacognostic studies on leaves of Abies webbiana grown in Sikkim Himalayan region of India. Books and Allied P Ltd; Aziridines as intermediates in diversity-oriented syntheses of alkaloids. It has sweet, bitter and pungent taste and hot in potency. Table of Contents 0.


Abiesin, A biflavonoid of Abies webbiana. Below is given medicinal properties along with the meaning. UV spectrum was webbinaa with a Shimadzu UV spectrophotometer. The biological evaluations of C-1 are presently underway.

The alkaline mixture was shaken well, strained with muslin cloth, and filtered with Whatman no. Talis leaves are rich in medicinal properties. Externally the leaves are used in rheumatic and neuralgic pains.

Talispatra (Abies webbiana) Health benefits

The present paper therefore attempts to report the isolation and molecular characterization of a new alkaloid present in the leaf of A. Antitussive activity of Abies webbiana Lindl. It is good for heart, improves appetite and balances Vata and Kapha. Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh; Aziridines serve as useful intermediates in synthesis of complex natural products as in the case of certain alkaloids, kainoids, mesembrine, platynesine, sphingosines, actinomycin, epicapreomycidine, feldamycin, etc.

Please review our privacy policy. It belongs to plant family Webbianx. The chemical synthesis of numerous aziridine-containing compounds, including N-aryl aziridines, were reported by previous workers. The 13 C-NMR spectrum exhibited nine carbon signals.

Isolation of flavonoid from Abies webbiana leaves and its activity

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The wealth of India, raw materials. Sodium sulfate treatment was performed to remove the traces of water wbbiana chloroform extract. Nil, Conflict of Interest: The antibiotic and antimicrobial properties of several of aziridine-containing compounds are well known.

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All baies and reagents used were of analytical grade obtained from Merck. Abies webbiana leaves are single, spirally, arranged all-round the branchlets, flat, narrow, linear, one to three inches long, with narrow short terete petiole.

Its chemical structure was elucidated on the basis of elemental and spectral analyses.

Asymmetric synthesis of N-aryl aziridines. Medicinal Uses of Kashtadaru False Ashok. Therefore, in the present investigation a new aziridine alkaloid C-1, i.

Isolation of flavonoid from Abies webbiana leaves and its activity | Pharmacognosy Journal

Fractions were monitored by thin layer chromatography TLC and the spots were visualized by spraying the TLC plates with Dragendorff’s reagent. The syntheses of N-arylaziridines.

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